Danny Welbeck (23)


Read Everton are looking for about 6 players. Would fit the bill.


Wtf its already June and we havent sold this clown yet. Get to work Gazidis.


Fuck really wish we were hearing some murmurs of us trying to move this guy, for whatever funds we can possible raise, along with Perez and then go out and splash 50 million quid on a winger that can dribble and beat a man.


I’d be happy with someone that can dribble and stay on his feet.


50 mil combined between Perez and Welbeck? Impossible. Besides, it seems Emery wants to give Perez another chance.


So I’m saying raise whatever we can out of Welbz & Perez, 20 mill ? 25 mill ? I don’t give a fuck just sell them and sign a proper winger for 50 million.


Ok, fair point. Would love Lozano.


Can always rely on Everton to be linked to our dross


Everton love an ex Manchester United player!

Please happen haha


Please happen indeed


This would be great news.
It would mean that since the last summer transfer window we would have got rid of Chamberlain, Coquelin, Gabriel, Walcott, Wilshere, Gibbs, Giroud, Szczesney, Sanchez and Welbeck, as well as Cazorla and Mertesacker both off the wage bill.
That must be more than 50m a season saved in wages and apart from Sanchez, and possibly Chamberlain, most of them weren’t good enough.
I just hope the club has learned that accumulating dross like Welbeck, and several of the other players we have just got rid of, is far more expensive than buying a decent player in the first place.

It is far better to have one player like Aubameyang than three players like Welbeck, Walcott and Giroud on massive wages that under perform every season.

Everton is his level, and he has certainly outstayed his welcome here.


It would be unreal to get rid of welbz. Not only did we clear out the bacteria that was Giroud, Merte, Gabriel, LOLcott, Coq, but getting rid of Welbz would conclude one of the best two transfer windows of the clubs history. Boy do i love the new regime ! All hail Unai :heart:


You’re really walking on thin ice with your criticism of Giroud :hipster:


Really? You havent even seen me in full flow yet. The scars of the “Giroud” era still hurts everyday i wake up.


Think Everton would still pay him around 30 mil :grinning:


If we get anything close to 30m for Welbeck, that would be the first time I would be delighted for transfer prices being fucked.

18-20m is Max I am expecting.


I reckon 12-13 would be about right and we’d be lucky to get.


My only hope is Welbeck got scouted heavily at tail end of last season and scouts got a good impression.


Everton are dumb enough to pay a lot for him.


So you think that a 27 year old with more than 5 years of experience in the most televised and globally recognized league in the world and 40 caps for the ENT gets scouted? :santi: