Danny Welbeck (23)


I’m a bit torn on Welbeck. I make fun of him but I actually think he is a decent squad player, he works hard and comes up with important goals from time to time. I would have no problem keeping him around, especially if we’re offloading Lucas Perez.


This guy is constantly on Sanogo level… and you count him as a decent squad player?

We already have defender(s) not able to defend, and I don’t want anymore attacking players can’t dribble, assist and score.


No he’s not. He’s definitely a PL quality player which Sanogo never was.


I’m not torn at all. Vastly overpaid, should be sold ASAP.

You can sign plenty of players who can do everything he does at a fraction of the cost.


You promote any attacking player from the youth team, and give him the same playing minutes, his final third production won’t be far off.

PL quality, needs more than just working hard and runs a lot.


That may well be, but it’s not necessary in my opinion. He’s not going to play much anyway. And we also have some decent looking youngsters. I don’t see the need to buy someone else – particularly in this window when we have more pressing issues in other areas.


So? They then wouldn’t be at Sanogo level either.


Id use every word of your argument and put Wilshires name there.


I’d actually give his spot to Lucas tbh



When you try to sub in a bench player, or rotate him, you want to change the momentum and dynamics of the game. Most of the time you need a desperate goal (when trailing), a goal to tie the game or win it.

What qualities does Welbeck can give you that?

Quality of tripping himself and being chaotic factor?

Okay okay okay… my mistake, to bring up Sanogo again…

Oh really? Ramsey, Xhaka and Elneny can’t do what Jack do, any youth player?


We need to sign a proper winger. If we’ve done that we have both Iwobi and Welbeck on the bench. That seems like a waste of wages. Get rid of Welbeck and promote Nelson fulltime.


I don’t see us signing any forwards/wingers this window though, which is part of the reason i’m not too bothered if Welbeck sticks around. Plus, I think Perez is definitely off – he’s too good to be a third choice forward anyway.

I think we have some exciting youth options coming through in Nelson and Nketiah etc, but who knows if Emery will want to trust them from the off?!

Either way, i’m not really bothered about Welbeck. I don’t care if he stays or goes.

How much is Welbeck on by the way? Anyone know?


Let him go.


Hopefully we can still get something for him by selling him this summer.


It’s a shame Perez doesn’t look like he is staying.
He would be very good as a squad player, far more effective than Welbeck.

Welbeck could easily be replaced by someone cheaper, on less wages and with a lot more potential.
I don’t even know what his specialised position is.
Whatever it is, we have that position adequately covered already.

Everton would give us 20m for him, or West Ham, and we could put that, and his wages, towards a decent player.


We should be selling him in this transfer window shouldn’t we? Before we lose him for nothing in 12 months or stupidly give an extension to an injury prone guy approaching 30.

Sell and sign a legit winger with proper dribbling ability to play on the left.


You’d love to see us flog him to a West Ham type club for 15 million quid this summer.


Yeah, sell him as long as we can get something from him.


If he can get on the field a little bit in the WC some shit PL club could snap him up for a little over the odds.


If Benik Afobe can go for £12m, surely Welbeck in the final year of his contract can go for at least an equivalent fee