Danny Welbeck (23)


Fantastic first half. Keep it up :welbeck:


Fair fucking play he’s been class tonight


He’s playing beautifully at the minute.


Fair fucks to the lad, he’s taken on a leading role in this game so far.


Won’t get a better, more versatile 3rd choice striker than Welbz that guy


Maim culprit for the goal for me. Trying to beat 4 players effectively gifting the ball.


One of his best games for us tbh. Looked unusually comfortable on the ball and Im pretty sure he completed most, if not all, of his passes.


Yeah I’m going to say this was the best game he’s played in his life.

I’ve never seen him look so much like a professional footballer. Dribbling and everything.


I suppose you really lower your standards after getting used to mediocrity.


I agree.
As a professional footballer, playing for a big European club, being able to look comfortable on the ball, and not give it away cheaply should be the minimum requirement.


Fucking idiot. I really wish to never see him in an Arsenal shirt again.


Lol! Just one mistake. Calm the fuck down!


3 already

Oh and fuck off :stuck_out_tongue:


It is not how many shit mistakes he made…

It is about how shit a footballer he actually is.

He is just fucking Sanogo level (yes, I exaggerate it…)… means comical level.


Even when he does something good like a tackle / dribble, he ends up ruining it with the next dribble / pass.

He peaked in the first leg. He’ll never look like such a footballer again.


He may score the odd goal or two, and have a couple of decent performances, but having a player like him in a supposed to be ‘top team’ is well and truly beyond me. If the new manager keeps him in the squad I’d be gobsmacked.


There’s no time for sentiment here, you can get the work rate he offers with players with much more productivity and overall quality.

He’s no longer top team quality if he ever truly was, I like Welbeck he seems a good lad but this kind of signing should be consigned to the Wenger banter era.

It’s imperative he does not get a new contract, he’s on over 100K a week and his output does not warrant it let alone the increase he’ll no doubt be looking for. No more free rides.


He is just another in a long line of cheap alternatives to a proper striker Wenger wasted money on.

Welbeck, along with several other strikers we have bought on the cheap like, Giroud, Sanogo, Park, Chamakh, Gervinho, Perez, etc, are why Wenger has had to leave.

Aubameyang is worth all those players put together, and we could have had him a few seasons ago but Wenger wouldn’t pay “his valuation.”

Welbeck is a utility player who works hard but is not a top four quality, and players like him are the reason we are not in the top four.

Sell him, and the rest of the high earning, poor performing players, and buy some real quality.


Hey Hey Hey… be careful of what you say.

Giroud, Gervinho and Perez were cheap options, but they are all better than Welbeck, and cheaper.
Chamakh, was productive before RVP’s return… also a better “player” than Danny.



Thanks god. Keep it that way pls