Danny Welbeck (23)




Perfect squad player in the mold of Elneny. I’m on the side of anyone who says he has value in the side. Works hard, comes up in the clutch like today and against united in the FA Cup, Liecester in the final seconds ect. I love Danny I just wish he was more consistent. Hope we keep him perfect 3rd choice striker and he’s versatile playing on the wing. Happy for him today.


I usually say I don’t care about money etc but you can’t have your third choice striker on the wages he’s going to be looking for. That shit is not sustainable.


If you ignore the previous hundred times he has played for us, and only include the last few, he could be described as a goal machine :grinning:


He could even be described as not shit. Unbelievable.


Black, English and bad.

Come on guys, I’m disappointed you didn’t see this Welbeck stanning from @Arsenal4thetreble coming.


What does it mean?


Referring to your defense of Walcott I assume


Yeh I’ve been wondering wtf “stan” or “stanning” means. That word triggers me.



@JakeyBoy Ox too lol


And what’s it called when people go so ott negatively in the name of fanaticism? That’s the majority of the issue around places like this.


dunno m8

maybe ‘scottish’


Well between me stanning and the majority of others being Scottish the truth usually falls somewhere in the middle. Although my foresight of playing Ox as a CM looks to have been spot on. Of course now that the genius of Klopp has stumbled upon my idea, it’s cuz Wenger was bad and Klopp is good as to why it’s working. Lelelelelelelel :grin:


Realism :wink:


I’d refer to it as being a scrub shitter but to each his own.


It’s not like it was ‘new’ idea. I’m sure Wenger played Chamberlain on the midfield back in '12 at home against Milan. He just didn’t persist with it. Which made sense with the presence of Ramsey.


I was being facetious.


Moving both Wilshire and Welbeck on, reducing the wage bill and promoting Nketiah/Nelson seems like a progressive move theoretically. I personally feel Danny might be willing to move, given his age/willingness to fulfil his career, no ties in London (I think?) whereas I have the complete opposite opinion on Wilshire.


Aha. With you that’s not always as clear.


Was good today. Actually looks like a player with minutes under his belt.