Danny Welbeck (23)


Such a mad player lol! :iwobi:




Better than a goal :rofl:. Not everyone can do it!


That miss is pretty amazing. Literally, if he lets the ball hit him it goes in—off his foot, knee, nuts, chest, face, etc.

Thankfully, he scored from a nice Iowbi cross to atone for it. That kind of miss could stay with a player for a while.


He definitely hates the easy chances. It’s as if he thinks they’re below his skill set or something. Glad he made up for it.

Still don’t think he deserved MOTM though, that was a lazy choice by whoever chose it.


His value has just gone up.
Let’s hope West Ham and Everton are watching, with their cheque books at the ready.


Sanhellí and Sven need to be running to complete a Naby Keita style deal to one of those clubs AS WE SPEAK





He has scored five goals but two were against Bournemouth, one against Leicester and two against Southampton and all at home against clubs near the bottom of the PL.
He also has only two assists, both in the games he scored in.
Not great for a player who is probably as good as he’s going to get and playing in front of some of the best midfielders in Europe.

We’ve got Aubameyang, the first proper striker we’ve had since RVP, and we also have Lacazette, who is decent as cover.

It’s persisting with players like him that have got Wenger, and the club, in this mess, so there is no reason to keep him after this season, so sell him and use the money to put towards a top quality winger.


I think you’ve over analysed that stat. :smile:


I would actually keep him because he’s useful in games were we need to be solid defensively, he presses opponents and runs his ass off. I think hes more useful then we give him credit for because from a “striker” we’re looking for goals. He’s almost a different player to that though, he should’nt even be considered a striker. I think he’s a useful player to have in the squad to be honest.


because Masochism?


No, because of what I wrote in the rest of my post after that.


You’re setting a pretty low bar there. What you’re describing is pretty easy to find, especially if you have a competent manager. You might as well recall Takuma Asano from loan if you really want someone to perform this role, or I dunno, Stephy Mavididi or whoever (would say Akpom but I think he’s even more shite than Welbeck and he seems like a bit of an idiot) but yeah, a good manager could basically instruct any decent youth player (Nketiah, for example) to perform this role to a similar quality that Welbeck does it.

I mean, he runs a lot and he presses opponents (something which has pretty null value under Wenger anyways because there’s zero coherence to whatever you want to call our “press”) is really, really low praise.


this is a good point… the few qualities he does possess are pretty null and void given our style of play and management.

Given his shambolic miss and (IMHO) a bit of a lucky deflection on the first goal (seriously, he is master of pinball football), I really don’t see all the fuss and in no way was he MOTM.

4 goals scored by Welbeck, Shane Long (aka the Arsenal assassin), and Charlie Austin (god I had almost forgotten about him)… playing against a team that will be relegated and in a game that has practically zero meaning to us… that pretty much f*ing sums it up.

If we can parlay a couple of overrated performances by Welbeck into 15-20 million this summer (I can dream), we should take it and use on proper defender and another wing attacker, etc… and make sure we re-up Ramsey… can let Wilshere walk as far as I am concerned, Ramsey has to be priority.


Yeah fuck that, Iwobi was clear MotM.

We badly need to generate revenue this summer. We have so many holes that we need to buy, and buy a lot. If we are to buy all that we need there’s no way we’re doing it and doing it well without generating some revenue through sales. I would settle for having Welbeck off our books but yeah, let’s hope there’s an English premium market for him, how much did Drinkwater go for? Hopefully we can get similar or more since he’s an attacker…at least in theory :grimacing:


I agree with you to some extent, I just think his strength and pace in tandem are hard to find in a lot of players and wouldn’t necessarily be easy to replace, nevermind his lacking in many other useful attributes. Essentially, I see him as a unique player who can be deployed in very specific situations to do a useful job, like against Chelsea in the cup final last year for example.

I won’t be in tears if he leaves though.


One thing I will say for him is that his assist for Auba was pretty nice