Danny Welbeck (23)


Pretty much sums it up… we should have gone after the 3 Pool attackers before they got them… we would be totally sorted in attack and could have gotten rid of Olli, Welbeck, and not had to get Laca… still would have taken Auba like we did, but with Mane, Salah, Firmino, Auba… FFS in retrospect world-class attack with Ozil in there.

Pretty sure if you had sold Ollie and Welbeck and not purchased Laca, we could easily have funded the 3 Pool acquisitions…


and we could have bought those players and not be as good or worked in our team. Things arent black and white i mean what if they bought salah when under another manager he might be shit. There are a lot of players we have got that i feel should and could be doing a fucktonne better, but our management makes the whole team look dogshit. Salah under wenger might be total garbage.


Injured again :mkhi: :auba: :laca:

on whether Welbeck was injured…
Welbeck had a back problem, yes.


You know you’re getting relegated when Danny Welbeck scores a goal on you.


Nice touch and movement from Welbeck, he looked like a proper striker there.:welbeck:


It was a good shot, tbh.


Danny Welbeck and Shane Long scoring in the same game :rofl:

Iwobi assist too. Just need him to score next and Southampton can go down with their heads held low.


Does he ever score a goal that’s not scuffed or deflected :slight_smile:


Or without falling on his ass


Who’s playing number 23 for us today and what’s he done with Welbeck?!


Fair play as he sparked the team to life, still needs to be shipped off in the summer though.


I love Welbeck. He genuinely makes me belive that I can still become a professional footballer.


How did he miss that?!? Literally from 2 feet away.


Ah, there he is :speak_no_evil:


That’s the Welbeck we know, tbh.


Jesus, that is the worst miss I can remember from an Arsenal player. Incredible how he manages to spoon that over the goal from that close.

EDIT: And he makes up for it. Thank fuck for that.




Lol and he makes up for it there…

Such a maddening player


Want him to get the hat-trick now


Hahaha what a guy.

He’ll miss from two yards but he won’t from three