Danny Welbeck (23)


John Cross is a massive yer da. Loves English brave hearts who show passion


Loool Jack was pretty decent second half but I’d say he was probably our 9th or so best player.


Jack wore the arm band?


Yeah, after Koscielny went off injured


The only thing overshadowed here is Welbeck’s good performance. The bar is set pretty low for what qualifies as a good Welbeck performance but 0 shots into row Z, 0 falling overs, a few on target with decent pace, a successful dive, a penalty on target and a header on target on top of some good chasing and pressing from the front and a remarkable lack of screwing up attacks.

In Welbeck land this was pretty close to a 10/10 performance.


He (Jack) has been surprisingly… tame in the last couple of fixtures. A bit unlike him imo as one of his strengths have always been that he is consistently at least not… that.


the bar is set pretty low for Arsenal and Arsene for quite a while…
Contender --> top 4, CL --> CL qualifying --> top 6, EL


His ball carrying, hold up and movement was pretty good. His best showing since the FA cup final.

At the end of the day if we’re going to lay into him for being crap when he’s crap we should be able to give him credit where he does well.


Pretty strange that we slate him and mock him for most of the time, and one decent/good game then we need to change our tone and praise him.


Think you’ve misunderstood it a bit mate. Just credit for this game not changing our views on him overall.



Hehe arsenal Twitter strikes again. You fucked up cross.


John Cross has just thrown his computer across the room


Lol at Arseblog

It’s not all good news for Danny though, the National Association of Red Top Journalists have banned him from their annual summer kickabout, usually held at Moral High Ground Park, just outside London in July.


Could’ve done us a favour by banning him for a match… :wenger2:


THEY ARE SEETHING :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Players at Man U, when Ferguson was manager, were getting away with this sort of stuff every season, and no one ever questioned him.
Rooney and Ronaldo cheated in almost every game.
This season, Kane and Alli have persistently dived.
Yet Welbeck does it in one game where we were winning fairly comfortably, and “Welbeck has ruined football.”

If anyone has ruined football it’s Mourinho, with his lying, his hypocrisy, his boring football and the fact he has inflated transfer fees to a level which has become ridiculous.

Perhaps some of these journalists should start taking a look at him.

The hypocrisy of any journalist taking the moral high ground is laughable.


We’ve been a media target for the best part of a decade now, not sure why people are surprised.

We hardly get credit for not spending and being relatively successful whilst being self sustaining, but are the first to get ridiculed for losing to big sides, diving, crashing out of europe and our manager being a laughing stock. The media praise the money clubs when they win but rarely mention how or the means of success.

Mainstream media is extremely thickle and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Their main aim is just to trigger readers into fit of frustration and become a talking point. Wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.


Because we won the Cups? Don’t act like Arsenal was poor during 2006 and 2014.


Poor in the financial term or on the pitch performance? Because an argument could be made for both.

Anyway I meant in relation to the clubs who can outspend us.


Relative to 16 or 17 other clubs we were/are rich and did what we supposed to on the pitch and League table. We didn’t underachieve nor did we overachieve.