Danny Welbeck (23)


2 goals! That’s the reason why the cold it is coming back! :mkhi:



Apart from the dive (not really looking for it) he played very well. Shots were on point and penalty was taken calmly. Just hope he can build on this and get a few more goals. His tracking, closing down and work rate were excellent.


Fergie taught him well. What he did tonight was the difference between winning and losing. No one remembers classy losers in this sport.


Yeah I told you all how a big mean scoring machine that guy Welbz is!


I was wondering how the fuck he scored a brace, then I saw the goals and it was a penalty and a header from half a yard off a parried effort lol. From what I read above though he had a really good game did he ?


By all accounts despite some comical defending, we performed much better than Milan over 2 legs.
Don’t let anyone tell you the dive was a major factor in any form.


Well they’d just pulled it back to 2-1 and then we get a shit pen. We were on top at the time but still, it could’ve changed the game.


The most unbelievable thing about that referee, is that his idol is Welbeck.
Of all the top players in Europe, he chooses to idolise him.

Now we know who bought the only shirt with Welbeck’s name on it from the Arsenal shop.


I don’t think you’ve caught onto the fact it’s a joke… unless you have in which case the sarcasm wasn’t detected by me lol


I didn’t.
How embarrassing.

At least the shirt is still on sale.
In the bargain bin :grinning:


On a side note about the referee – he is actually a multi-millionaire and he referees “for fun”. He gets abused on a weekly basis “for fun” :grin:


Wikipedia can be edited.




Didn’t realise John Cross gave Welbeck a rating of 0. Anyone want to search through player ratings for Spurs’ matches? I’m going to go out on a limb and say Alli has never been given a 0


John Cross’s a traitor.


John Cross is just a clickbait merchant. Silly cunt.


Mediawatch is one of my favourite things so good :joy:


This is actually good :joy:

Cross does not stop there in his all-out assault. His player ratings from the Emirates Stadium are a sight to behold – and not just because Jack Wilshere gets the joint-highest rating of seven out of ten for ‘wearing the armband with pride’.


John Cross is mad at us because of the Ornstein memes :rofl: