Danny Welbeck (23)


Would you believe me if I said

Haha nah I gotta hold my hands up and admit I got a little carried away.

I can’t be defending one of our attackers who can’t shoot for shit even if I do appreciate what he brings to the table defensively in certain games.


I’m not sure I would lol


Three years ago today since one of his most memorable arsenal goals…



I can only properly remember one other off the top of my head and I’ve a vague awareness he scored a hat trick against Galatasary (I think).


Yeah that one Leicester and the Gala ht are probably the only other ones :joy:


The black Dirk Kuyt, except Danny scores even fewer goals.

I remember when that “Hey you guys” Sloth / Iain Dowie looking motherfucker scored the shittest hattrick of all time against United. Was the precise opposite of poetry in motion. Hilariously shite.


I’m very disappointed that I don’t know who this is.


You don’t know who forum legend Sol is? :open_mouth: Or Dirk Kuyt, Ian Dowie?

Or are you implying you’ve never seen the Goonies? :grimacing: Everyone’s seen the Goonies


I know all the ingredients, just not which terrible human is the product of this mixture :sweat_smile:


He’s been excellent in the first half.


Yeah, all his shots have been on target :smile:


Welé Alli though…

Forgivable considering our players rarely dive


That penalty :joy::joy: Danny has the Milan defence on strings



You are not gonna complain when does it for England in the summer :mkhi:



Surely Vardy, Kane and Alli showed this a long time ago?

But no, one of the only times one of our players dives and we’re the ones who are a disgrace.




Redemption, huh???