Danny Welbeck (23)


Because he didn’t


That’s why I said mid table clubs.
So why do we need a mid table level player?

He was fourth choice striker when Ferguson was manager, that is why he was sold, after he left.


He started at the Bernabéu in the 1st leg too. Welbecks work rate, tactical discipline, physique and ball retention in big games is underrated af.

Like you said there’s a reason Fergie rated him so highly.



lol make up your mind.


The fact is Ferguson wasn’t a big fan of Welbeck.
He was fourth choice for a reason.


You’re not wrong but there’s a reason why Fergie started Welbeck over the likes of Rooney an co in the big games and it wasn’t because of his finishing.

Edit - A little random but If Allegri takes over in the summer I can’t see Welbz going anywhere, he’ll probably play Mandzukic’s role on the Lw in the big games.


If a new manager comes in there will be several players, including Welbeck, that might start performing better than they have under Wenger.
But I’m not sure if Welbeck has much more in him.

Ferguson might have said he would prefer a player that had great determination and drive, and it’s true he is hard working, versatile and a useful squad player for us, but he is no longer a young player with potential, he is about as good as he is going to get.

It might be he is low on confidence, but he has been average for a while, and his finishing is way below what a top PL club should expect.

Like you say, if someone like Allegri came in and decide to use him in a different role, we might see a better player but I think, with the wages we are paying him, it might be good for him and us, for him to try elsewhere.


Haha that is absolute nonsense. Fergie was a huge fan of Welbeck. That’s why he gave him his chance and ignored the criticism around him.

It’s all well and good that you’re not a fan of Welbeck but you’re invening things now.


Based on what evidence? #statwatch


Omg all these stats again. I prefer to trust my eyes.
I’m a big fan of Welbz and as a defensive forward/winger he is very underrated. But yeah I can see how some only value goal scoring stats. We lack work rate and players who give a fuck, isn’t that what we all have complained about in Wengers teams? 10 weak and technical players on the pitch instead of a balance between skill and power.


So why was he fourth choice striker at Man U?


Another player we need to upgrade for a TC or WC player.


Maybe ball retention, but the rest aren’t underrated values of his at all, I swear almost everyone acknowledges those are strengths of his. The problem is he has fuck all else in his locker.


and are the values of a ‘defensive forward’ really worth enough to overcome not being able to score many goals…

I’d rather have offensive defenders than defensive (central) forwards


Prefer him being defensive on the wing. In a tactical view he’s worth it as a option depending on the opposition. And offensive defenders might be the last thing we need since we don’t know how to defend.


If we need a defensive forward, surely it would be better to buy one that was a specialist in that position, rather than trying to squeeze an under performing striker in there.

We are supposed to be one of the most attacking teams in Europe.
Like @Robin_L says, it would be better to have offensive defenders than defensive forwards, preferably ones that know what they’re doing.


Having an attacking player who isn’t good at attacking things is the problem with Welbeck… it puts pressure on other areas to provide creativity, cutting edge, and finishing. I don’t even believe it is a discussion - who the fck cares what Fergie thought years ago - he was either wrong or he was being encouraging to a young English player with promise - what was the point of him coming out "yeah I think he is kind of sht actually"… As others point out, it wasn’t like he was a key player for them at all.

Evidence TODAY suggests he really isn’t good enough other than as a specialist forward to put on late in games we are trying to hold onto a lead, and frankly, I’d rather have a speedster/counter player who can also harass but can also score if the other team goes all gung-ho…


This may have been the case at one point but honestly think those things are if anything overrated at this point.

Welbeck is frankly just a terrible player at this point.


He needs to sort the negative football thing. Infuriating to see him receive the ball in a dangerous position only to dribble backwards and let the defense recover. I actually like him as a player other than that. Wouldn’t mind him on the left with Auba up top.

Have to say though, if Auba had been playing up top yesterday, we woulda won like 4 or 5 nil.


You can’t just use a couple of games as example to show why Fergie was in favor of Welbeck OVER Rooney.
If Fergie benched Rooney for the whole season and started Welbeck, yes, Fergie loves Welbeck. If it was just a few games, it was probably a tactical change, or gave Rooney a rest.

When you are young, other teams don’t know much about you… it is not easy to apply tactics or strategies on you.
But when you play more, people know your style and abilities, then it is the time to expose your true self. How good or how bad a player you are.

Same as Sanogo scored 4 in one game did not mean much. Sampling size too small.

Random kids in South America, at least have better football skills.
Like I said, 19m on a defensive forward? A work horse??