Danny Welbeck (23)


Apart from the comical shot at the end he had a brilliant game.


Brilliant, is stretching it, A LOT


He is such a donkey lol!


Wouldn’t say brilliant :joy:

He worked hard and movement was quality fair play but the guy is a pure banter footballer when he actually gets the ball.

His highlights package for that game would be hilarious. So fucking shit :joy::joy::joy:


When he went past that guy then did a GOAT pass, to start off a Milan counterattack >>>>>> :arteta:


When he has a good game, it’s like tonight, characterised by work rate and application; a ‘defensive forward’ I guess they say. Defensive forward seems a bit of an insulting moniker but he is pretty inept in front of goal. Played his part in the victory tho for sure


Aww bless him, he tried his best.


Tonight it was as if his legs work both independently of each other and from the rest of his nervous system. Great stuff that we got 2 away goals with him up front as the lone striker in his current form. Really thought he looked good as the season started but since then it’s been downhill, and lately almost farcical.


He certainly knows how to totally deconstruct an attacking movement once the ball gets to him.







Now this is quality trolling. Subtle, used on a subject that hasn’t been trolled ad nauseum yet, succinct. I applaud you, and urge my fellow trolls to take note.


Terrible player but I salute the intent to apply himself and work hard even if top level quality isn’t there.

The reality is we could easily sign a striker from league 1 or the championship who could be a much more effective defensive forward, have alot more quality in the final third and be alot less money.

An Ings type signing who considers it a rare privilege to play for Arsenal


Put in a shift tonight - good lad. However would like him to try hypnotherapy to see if there is a football player (striker) in him somewhere !!


Sorry, I just can’t praise the player simply because he works hard.
We can find players on the street in Brazil/Argentina that can work “as hard as” Welbeck, but they only cost you a few hundred bucks… if we are lucky enough this guy could be more skillful than Welbeck.
19m, for working hard, and sink to the Sanogo level…
Not funny for me.


Anyone who thinks he is a good player, just wait until we want to sell him, and see the type of clubs that are interested in him and his massive wages.

He is mid table level.
It’s Wenger’s persistence with under achievers like Welbeck that have seen us dragged down to a level behind all our rivals, and celebrating Europa League wins rather than being in the CL.

If Wenger thinks Giroud, Walcott, Coquelin, Chamberlain etc, are no good, then I expect Welbeck to be sold at the end of the season, because he is in the same bracket as them.


Dat guy is so bad. I saw some great passes through the lines that reached his feet. Only for Welbeck to inexplicably pass the ball either right back ruining the move, or to dither on the ball and let the defense recover. My neighbors must have thought I was insane the amount of times I yelled “you stupid cunt” at the tv.


There’s a reason Fergie dropped Rooney for Welbeck against Real Madrid and made good use of him in numerous league wins. He has one of the best combinations of speed and stamina in world football. And no you won’t find random players in South America who can match that.


If Ferguson was such a big fan of Welbeck, why did he sell him?


I’d imagine the likes of Everton and West Ham