Danny Welbeck (23)


Good joke :wink:


for a striker he is wellshit


90 minutes well spent sharpening him up for Man City x2 :speak_no_evil:


Just can’t wrap my head around how this is the same player that ran Chelsea’s backline ragged in the FA Cup Final last season.

You look at him this season and it’s a wonder that he’s played for Man Utd and Arsenal. He looks like he’s at most barely a Premier League level talent.


I can, all our players are better than this shit but it’s standard procedure under Wenger.


Yes ofcourse if not for Wenger, Danny Welbeck would be Diego Milito v2


Watching dat guy run with the ball is like having a fly on your nose and no arms to wave it off.


When Wenger goes, could he please take Welbeck with him.


It’s embarrassing that he’s our equivalent to Leroy Sane :smile:


Sorry, Leroy Sane >>>>>> Welbeck + Bellerin + Iwobi + Elneny



He can’t literally stay in his feet lol!


More disgusted than Sanogo…be honest.
Sanogo was a free, and this shit cost us 19m.


but but but…the pitch is slick and wet


I thought they’d cleared all the snow and the pitch was in good condition? Why did Welbeck still play like he was running on ice?

I have no doubt that some of our players will improve under another manager. But Dat Guy is beyond help.


Reaching Sanogo levels


already there


I reckon at some points Sanogo was actually better.


I watched until the first goal. I saw Welbeck on a 4 vs 3 counter slow the ball up and allow the defense to get back in front of us. Knew we were fucked at that point.