Danny Welbeck (23)


is he on the same stuff Merson is on?


When the full back score more than you, it is just embarrassing.
Laca, Auba, Perez… all better than Danny.
He could be #1??? the interview was like, 10 years ago???


Really need to flog dat guy off in the summer, what sort of club would be interested in him ?


He’s not even a striker. He’s a defensive winger you bring on when you’re winning (or setting up defensively from the start). He just doesn’t offer much in the final third except for workrate.


Christ the way he fucked up every time he got the ball was comical. Fuck that he didn’t score, my man couldn’t even trap the ball or beat a man! Fucking League 2 standard opposition.


Good article on Welbz


I ain’t gonna forget how wack he is any time soon.


Needs to spend less time on the treatment table and more time playing/training. Personally in my opinion he is not good enough for any club viying for a champions league place


He is an average player that has been lucky enough to play for two top European clubs.

If he can’t get a regular first team place, in over four seasons, when then only player ahead of him is Giroud, then he simply isn’t going to be anything more than a highly paid squad player.
We have just started to realise that this type of player is no good for the club, as Chamberlain, Walcott, Gabriel, Coquelin etc, have just found out.

Everton or West Ham are more his level, and even they might not be interested given the wages he is on.

His performance against (Östersund shows how far his level has dropped and if he doesn’t score against them, at home, then it will only confirm how poor he is.

We might get 15-20m for him in the next window.
I would get what we can and sell him.


He’s too injury prone to ever build form and get a run in the team.

Think if he remained fit he adds versatility and depth as a squad player, but that’s about it.

We should be able to flog him for £20m or more in the summer if we decide to sell (which we should).


No one is paying £20M fo Welbeck. He hasn’t got the goal scoring record or the fitness to justify that fee from clubs outside the top 6


Agreed. We’ll never really know how good Welbeck could have been, but given the performances we have seen, I don’t imagine his ceiling is that high.

It’d be a risk for other teams to take a chance on him though, and given we got a lower sum for Giroud and £20m for Theo – who are nowhere near as injury-prone as Welbs, there is no way we’re getting that kind of fee for him.

Unless we catch the likes of David Gold when he’s drunk, i’d be surprised if we even get £10m for him.


Agreed, no way we’re selling for a higher fee than we bought him for.

£10-15m is all I can see us getting. I’d actually be less surprised if we loaned him out to a promoted team next season.


A perma crocked Andy Carroll was going to go for over £20mil, and Chamberlain who is also known to offer very little in terms of production went for a very good fee of £35mil.

Welbeck is an England International and despite his limitations could do a very good job for a midtable club, if he doesn’t go for around the £20mil mark it’s because we are utter gash at negotiation.

Hell, teams where quoted around £30mil for Troy fucking Deeney.


The Ox is the exception. In general we are gash at negotiating decent fees for our players! That was clear when we only got a packet of Smarties for Szczesny


Andy Carroll was because Chelsea were desperate for a big target man and didn’t end up getting bought. Troy Deeney was scoring for Watford and had had a good season with Ighalo next to him.

Welbeck has an atrocious goal record for two top clubs and is more of “defensive winger” than a striker. Even the English tax won’t secure us a high fee.


Deeney was being quoted that way after his decent season, Welbeck still has good performances in him as he’s shown for England, sure he’s been shit for us as of late but honestly who hasn’t?

We would be mugs to take something like £10mil which of course makes it likely since we’re mugs anyway, however, we should at least get the fee paid for him regardless of injury record.

And around £20mil is no longer a high fee in world football in fact it now encompasses average players.


Injury prone or not, Welbeck was never a efficient, prolific, deadly shooter and scorer.
Maybe Sanogo can shoot better than him.

He is very effective on our own half, playing defensively.
On the final third, Monreal is a better finisher.


Welbeck is 27 (1.5 years younger than Theo and 4 years younger than Giroud), he’s an England international when fit and he is a striker.

All three of those factors would suggest to me that he should go for £20m. Also, the only clubs he’s ever been permanently affiliated with are United and Arsenal, and if he’s had careers at these two clubs where the managers have clearly seen something in him, then you’d imagine there are quite a few other managers who rate him.

Point is, with his profile and experience in today’s market, £20m isn’t even a lot. For the record, I was disappointed in how much Theo and Giroud went for - thought they could have gone for more.


I think i’ve figured out Welbeck’s best position.

Wel back in his bedroom

I really don’t understand how his brain works