Danny Welbeck (23)


Under Wenger, anything can happen :slight_smile:

We should have never bought Welbeck in the beginning…


I’m not an OA sheep but this dude needs to go he is just baaaad😂


We’ll be in a good place if Danny Welbeck turns out to be our biggest bit of dead wood.


Was hoping his solid performance in the cup final last season might signify some new dawn for his game, but he is just so bad on the ball in most appearances it’s impossible. And for all his athleticism, he doesn’t make any well-timed runs so he’s always behind the play just chasing. He’s created his own niche being one of the first ever defensive strikers in the game. Absolute must sell.


I thought he looked a bit quicker on the feet at the beginning of the season, more rapid and agile than usual. It didn’t convert to anything on the pitch as the season went under way though lol


He is the worst.


Let’s leave Welbeck in Sweden and bring back that Gero guy instead


Let’s hope the run of games will do him good. He needs it, my god he’s pants.


He is worst than shit, be honest.
Shit players like Gervinho and Podolski could have banged in a couple of goals already…
For Welbeck, it is miss, miss, miss, AND miss.

Give him a run of 10-20 games he may score a lucky goal or two here and there… but still, worst than shit.


Eddie deserves a chance now. I don’t think he is worse than Welbeck.


His poor decision making was so frustrating all match. Does he make a run, does he stand still and receive to play a one-two? The players couldn’t rely on him at all. His first-touch was a disaster as well.

Please improve Danny, we’re gonna need you to step it up!


How often you seen a player could improve his shooting/finishing skills from shitness to greatness at the age of 27??
Don’t kid me…


He doesn’t need to go from shitness to greatness. Just from shitness to bad would be an improvement.


We need something better than “bad”, right??

Bad, still a fail grade, not acceptable :slight_smile:
I don’t even accept average/mediocre.


If Östersund isn’t even Dat Guy’s level then I think we have to admit defeat on this one and play Monreal up front in this competition from now on.


Eddie should be starting the return leg at the Emirates.




:confused: :confused:


If he wasn’t the best youth product united had in 2010 there’s basically very little chance he’d have become a PL footballer. If he was at Stoke/Everton/Fulham he wouldn’t have got the same opportunities. It’s a fucking shame that we have to suffer because of that and I actually really like him as a bloke and as a footballer he’s fucking honest. But he’s not good enough for the level we need to be operating at and given that we were fucking above united when they sold him to us that should have been realised and the signing really should never have been made.


Danny Wellshit.