Danny Welbeck (23)


Love him, thought he’d have a chance of developing into something special in his time here however, it really seems slim that he’ll ever kick on from here. He’s 27, I think we can still recoup the £16M we paid for him from another one of our mid-table bros.


How is it rubbish?
He was their fourth choice striker and wasn’t wanted by Man U and we bought him.


We aren’t a club made up of rejects from other clubs.


Nah we won’t. Unless we get someone good we’ll sell him to City before the end of the window. It would be the smart thing to do. We’ll see.


When I said Welbeck was the epitome of an Arsenal player, I obviously didn’t every category of, hard working, versatile, inconsistent, a reject from a top club, bought on the cheap rather than paying the going rate for a top quality player, for every single player.

I just meant most players fit most categories.


Actually we kind of are. Sanchez, Ozil, Welbeck, Cech are all rejects.


When you (Wenger) always in favor of wrong footed players and put them in fucking wrong positions, how could you expect them to make a cross??

Have you ever seen Welback made a decent cross by his left foot???
This fucking wrong footed players can only do one thing… To cut in.
At least Robben can shoot… Welbeck???

That’s why I want Draxler so much.
Dominant right footed but the left foot still can shoot and cross.


Situation is so bad, I would actually consider Arsenal purchasing Draxler shudders


Guy is really crap, no way he should be starting over Walcott or Nelson.


If you like wide players to track back… Welbeck is a pretty good option though
defensive attacking player… I like this name


Absolutely pointless if there is no tactical strategy behind it. We don’t press or make any chances, or gain any control of the match off our pressing from the front, we don’t have a defensive tactic meant to control the game and/or counter, etc. Given this much rather just put a more competent offensive player there.


Read ing yesterday’s arseblog and this summary of Welbeck is honestly perfect :laughing:

At that point I knew our race was run. We looked bereft of ideas and creativity, and we ended up in a situation where Alexandre Lacazette, our £50m club record signing striker, took it upon himself to drop into midfield to try and make things happen. He knew he wasn’t going to any service worth speaking about, so he did what he could, as Ramsey hung about the centre forward position, substitute Theo Walcott attempted to be offside as many times as possible, and Danny Welbeck Welbecked around the final third like a gazelle who has been hit in the head with a tyre-iron.


He’s next on the hit list.

With Walcott and Oxlade gone the holy trinity of shit English forwards is nearly over


No new contract for this guy, needs to be on his way out


All the deadwood you would have thought we were not prepared to shift are dropping like flies, it really is wonderful to see.

With how things are going Welbeck has to be thinking his time is almost up, especially after two major knee injuries and chronic unproductivity.


Are there any actual rumors around his leaving in Jan?



Next on the list. Can’t count on a player who is always injured.


Even without that problem, fact of the matter is he doesnt really contribute anything at all for general play. He doesnt assist he doesnt beat defenders he doesnt score, what is the point?



Come on Barca dude who is hired for trasnfer negotiations.



Welbeck doesn’t offend me; but if we sell Alexis, Theo AND Wele, it means we can’t sell super Oli G, so I am on board with this!