Danny Welbeck (23)


It shows our lack of quality upfront when we are looking forward to Welbeck playing again.

Giroud, Welbeck, Perez and Sanogo.

All competent, adequate strikers, except for Sanogo who is less than average.
We are getting to be a club that specialises in accumulating mediocrity.
All fairly experienced at the top level, yet none of them are good enough to win the PL or CL for any club.

But I bet they will still be here after this season.


We really could do with Welback, but what will it mean for Lucas?


Nothing. That signing was doomed from the beginning.


We have Iwobi & Ox as wing option which will now be supplemented with Welbeck & Perez.


I’m not even sure why we bought Perez.
It must have been because of the injury to Welbeck and that any more injuries would have meant Sanogo playing, which is unacceptable.

Welbeck is a decent enough player but his injury record is up there with Rosicky, Walcott, Wilshere, Gibbs, Chamberlain, and almost as good as Diaby.

We keep persisting with these type of players who are constantly injured and taking massive wages.
What’s the point?


Yes Danny boy!


Honestly people well over exagerating his ability here.
Hes a very unreliable striker really. Concede he has an engine and work rate at times but thats it.
Makes some inteligent runs but hes found wanting when it really matters.
No doubt him and Jack next year power us to the title. NOPE


He’s a better option than Iwobi/Ox/Theo/Perez on the wings tbh. Though saying that we certainly have stockpiled a lot of bang average attackers.


As far as his goalscoring goes I very much agree. Welbeck can’t buy goals. But with his workrate, engine, pace and link-up play I think he can be very useful in our set-up with Alexis as CF. He’s a very good addition to our pressing, probably better than Iwobi, and adds to our counterattacking game with his pace. Sure he’s not going to power us to the title. But an attack of Walcott - Alexis - Welbeck might be our best forward line out of available options.

Not to mention his interchanging btw. With Alexis dropping back often Welbeck is good at taking over CF and providing a presence in the box. Again; probably more than Iwobi would.


Wouldnt really argue against any of that. My main point really being is not for the first time people over exaggerate most of our players.
More fit the better, but personally he wont instill any great confidence in me.
Your point was well made though tbf.


I don’t even think that’s what’s happening here. I think it’s just that we aren’t looking great right now and could do with all the options we can get. Basically that Welbeck would be useful right now and the sooner he is back the better.

In that sense I’m excited about him coming back


Can’t wait for him to come back. However i am confident he will be utilised only as a winger.

His work rate and engine will be EXACTLY what we need. Let’s hope his heavy feet have lightened up a little though.

An Alexis, Perez, Welbeck front three would probably run defenders close to death! It might not be pretty but god damn I want a few wins.


That’s fine with me. If we persist with Sanchez at CF we need a reliable option on the left and Welbz can play there. I love Iwobi but he’s not been great the last month or so.


I think Alexis up front is here to stay.

The striker market is dire, the winger market is flourishing. So we have implemented an internal solution and that’s that.

It obviously remains to be seen how successful Alexis is there, but him and Giroud as #1 and #2 with the likes of Perez, Welbeck et al. just incase injuries strike is serous, serious depth.

Shame about the rest of the team but hey ho, arsenal gonna arsenal.


Yup, watch this space, we are gonna get Reus :ozil2:


Don’t understand the Reus chat a few members on here have. He would be one of the last wingers I would buy.

Walking sick note


Brilliant player, but Arsenal with Injuries fucking hell he could be Messi, but it aint much use having Messi for 2 games a season. As it is in Dortmund he misses a lot of the season most seasons imagine him with our utter bullshittery injury record.


I miss his pressing ability. When he and Sanchez played together they’d not give the defence a rest. Be good to have that injection of urgency back if anything.


Great news, he is like a mix of Theo and Giroud in being fast and strong but finishing needs work.


A fully fit Welbz would get a gig starting on the left hand side of midfield I would have thought.