Danny Welbeck (23)


Welbz will stay at Arsenal for the next season at least, Wenger’s obivously a big believer and he’s the right level of ability for a club who accepts 5th/6th place as a fair finish.


whoa whoa easy on the exaggerations it is too far fetched!


Shit player. Shit player. Shit player. Shit.


You can fuck off too.


Thanks for Old Trafford winner and the Leicester moment but never play for us again


Still surprised people mention this and give a fuck. We went on to finish second to Leicester. So all that really happened is Welbeck scored a late winner in a league match, no reason to remember it fondly imo


He’s not good enough, simple as that. We’re starting players like him and Iwobi and yet Mahrez is still at Leicester, what in the entire fuck?

He seems a good lad, however, this isn’t a triathlon or 100m sprint, he should be sold off for as much as we can get. Not worth keeping for the increase in wages he would be angling for.


That moment was the best I’ve felt after a league match in years. The high was incredible


Ah come on Jake, let us have that moment.

After that match, I felt genuine hope that we might actually win the league. I can’t remember celebrating a goal so hard.


There doesn’t always have to be some big meaning to a goal to remember it fondly. Henry produced a few memorable moments which weren’t part of trophy winning campaigns and yet we still see the replays years down the line. That Welbeck moment is part of the reason why fans follow the game.


But every time I see or hear about that goal I then just remember that Wenger and the team totally fucked it up and we missed out on what was our best chance to win the league God knows how long.

So I repeat, no idea why anyone remembers it fondly. It makes me think of how spineless our manager and players are, not some lovely feeling of getting a significant late winner.

Each to their own.


Really can’t stand Welbeck these days.
Offers nothing. Can’t score, can’t create, can’t dribble past players, never crosses.


Lol, get ready for the next Welbeck from United, after we bend over and give them our best player.

Thanks to out lord and saviour Arsene Wenger


Welbeck is the epitome of an Arsenal player.
Hard working, versatile, inconsistent and a reject from a top club.
Bought on the cheap rather than paying the going rate for a top quality player.


I’m with you, but I pretty much thought that was how it was going to go about a minute after the goal was scored so I’m probably a bit biased.


I think that moment only means a lot to fans that started following the club post Invincible’s.




Just whatever shit player they see fit to hand over to us for Alexis


He’s at the point where it’s new contract or go and there’s no need for him to have a new contract. I don’t think he’s bringing much that the likes of Gervinho or Podolski weren’t bringing when they were second choice and ultimately not needed anymore. I used to be in favour of him as that runner, big game kind of player but it doesn’t feel like he’s brought at lot of that and even when he did, his frustrating ways often counteract that anyway.

I know some may be apprehensive of plopping sums like 30-40m on questionable players like Malcom but we could probably sell a player like Welbeck to an Everton for 20-30m so the gambles really shouldn’t be that hard for us. If we get rid of 6 players and bring in 6 players chances are 3 of those 6 will be good. We should be recycling players while they’re still assets with value.

I fear he’s going to get given a new deal though purely on the basis of Wenger not wanting too many players to leave at the same time.


You need to stop spewing this rubbish.