Danny Welbeck (23)


Don’t remember me it! Never had such a great feeling about us :xhaka:


The aftermath of that game for me was the tipping point on being adamantly decided Wenger has to go. After trailing 1st place for half a season, we had finally topped the league only to go 5 points behind Leicester before the match against them. To win this game in such a dramatic fashion was a world beating confidence booster, a title winning game right there. Now we are only two points behind a team that got top flight promotion just 1.5 years ago and we just spanked their asses right in front of their mamas in the most painful and demoralizing manner, with no other real competition for the title but a wobbling Manchester City squad that couldn’t put up more than 2 consecutive wins together and Tottenham fucking Hotspur.

We then went on to lose to a shambolic Van Gaal’s Manchester United, making Markus ‘Nobody’ Rashford a star, followed by a home defeat to the almighty Swansea City.

Sorry I made you relive this nightmare. I’m now off to see my psychiatrist and learn how not to delve into the past.


I agree with both Phoebica and Gladiator and it makes me sad, but Gladiators post is exactly right; it’s the true watershed moment. Man United were so shit that season as well.


Problem with Welbeck is really the larger problem. In isolation, not a terrible deal - not hugely expensive for a still potentially promising young and physically gifted (not skills mind you) English striker.

The problem is that we have this pile of meh players that don’t take us to the next level. Welbeck, Walcott, Ox (bye), Xhaka (ugh), Coquelin, Ollie, EL Neny, Mustafi (jury out I suppose), Chambers, Debush, etc.

Now some of these still have a chance, but do any of us really think they will grow into top players for us, let alone world class?

You don’t need 11 WC players, but you need a team of really excellent FT players to supplement the WC players and we really just have a massive squad of “pretty good players” - not very many in between the Ozil/Sanchez level other than perhaps Koss, Laca. We really need our youngsters to step up a bit and also augment with at least 1 more top player per window - with Sanchez and Ozil potentially leaving, well that is a whole different issue.

I left Cazorla, Wilshere off the list b/c of injuries and Iwobi while I don’t think is good enough yet, at least he is showing promise and is still very young - I don’t mind having 1 or 2 of these types getting minutes, especially while we aren’t relevant for the CL or title.


His contract talks will be interesting. We could easily sell him this summer for something like £20-30m which covers what we paid but I doubt we will with all the uncertainty with other players. So I’m guessing he’s going to get a big(ish) offer and he’ll be an Arsenal player for the next 4 years since he’ll then most likely be unbuyable to smaller clubs.


What has Welbeck done / or offer to warrant a new deal?

Get rid…


he is injured a lot and when he plays dont get me wrong he works hard but in general he doesnt score much and he doesnt assist much either he can be easily replaced even on the cheap or maybe even internally for a lot cheaper for someone who offers more.


I guess it depends who we buy/ship out in January or in the summer. If we’re having a clear out and not bringing much in, then he’ll be good to have around.

To be honest, of our fringe players, for me he is one of the least offensive.


If he’s willing to accept a pay cut to around 40k racked with bonuses then I’d happily keep him.

Don’t think we should be committing average players to expensive long term deals on the basis of squad composition

He’s not a player who has justified being on anything close to 100k imo. This is our chance to change our wage structure for the better. Getting rid of Theo and Welbz will generate good transfer fee and free up over 200k in wages


Would move Giroud on before Welbeck.


He is 27.
Providing any sort of contract would mean sticking with him till he turns 30.
No way.
Just sell him & acquire someone quality.


lets face it, it is wenger we are talking about here of course he will give him another fucking contract he always keeps dross for miles too long but any quality we do get he fucks around with contracts. Welbeck will definitely be getting a new contract with us, its the likes of Ozil, Lacazette and Sanchez (not that i care so much about the latter tbh) that we will struggle to keep.


Wenger likes him. He’s staying if he wants to stay and is in a great negotiating position with the state of the club right now.


Let’s not forget recent moves around the player recruitment and contract side of things at the club. Wenger might like him but that doesn’t mean he’ll be getting an offer he wants to sign.


I think the wage rule will prompt the club to stop fucking about.
I hope so.


What does he offer?
Even the goal he scored was assisted by opponent’s keeper.


Completely fucking useless.

He should be at West Brom scoring 8 league goals a season.


But instead he’s here and will soon be in line for a contract of at least 150K a week.

What a time to be alive.


8 is probably a little optimistic but I hear you.


His best ever total is 9 so 8 might be achievable haha