Danny Welbeck (23)


It’s three weeks in Arsenal land though. You can usually double that at least :grin:


Shame it wasn’t Theo.


Considering Theo isn’t the one who is playing important games over players who are better than him, I don’t really see how that would be a blessing the way a Welbeck injury is.


3 goals in 5 games. That’s enough to call his seasons succesful.


Big miss this, expect us to suffer incredibly here.


We do have Burgess now though, so we may just well revert back to the norm when it comes to injuries.


@AbouCuellar that was a tad deplorable.

What kind of fan celebrates when one of their own gets injured!?


It shows how much our standards have dropped when we are worried about Welbeck missing our next few games against the likes of Basel, Burnley, Swansea City, Middlesbrough, Reading, Sunderland and Ludogorets.


I don’t think it’s specifically “oh no Welbeck is missing” I think it’s more along the lines of he’s a player in a relatively decent vein of form and the more of those we have the better. Even if most of us would rather he wasn’t starting in the first place.


Lol! Who is worried?




lol someone gif that dribbling by Welbeck right before Walcott’s goal :smiley:



Welbeckinho :rofl:


I still prefer to call him Welé


His balance is fucking shit. Can he stay on his feet for once?


Walcott is so much better…I think you guys are right Wenger has well and truly lost it giving welbeck playing time in front of Walcott on the weekends.


I think United are still laughing that we gave them the guts of 20m for him…


His goals against them have been more than worth the 16m we paid for him.


That goal against Leicester is worth that too.

I know we didn’t go on to win the league that year. But at the time, that goal gave me a feeling I hadn’t felt in a while when watching Arsenal.