Danny Welbeck (23)


Not really, but yeh, I know our midfield is shit and Wenger is shit at coaching coherent midfield play since like forever.


Since we lost our Spanish presence you might say? Midfield bosses like Santi and Arteta had you believing Coq could actually play football if I recall correctly.


Yeah, only with Santi and/or Arteta (or Fábregas) has our midfield looked coherent in the last past decade under Wenger, so yeah, that’s why I say he’s shit at coaching coherent midfield play since like forever, because I don’t give him too much credit for those players just being really good and/or intelligent. Especially considering the fact that even with them we still almost always lost the midfield battle against similar size opponents.


No press from the top.


I do agree. Shame Wenger isn’t too smart to adopt this solution.


Welbz is a midfielder never a striker. His engine would be welcome to help the midfield shut things down and set off counter attacks. Wenger loves to play our players out of position so would love to see Dat Guy given a shot in midfield.


Big game player, think he should be involved in one way or the other.


In big away games you do want players who press and defend from the front. We only really have Welbeck and Alexis who do so, so you can see why Lacazette was dropped against Liverpool. I’d agree with @Castiel Ozil should be dropped. I’m not sure I remember Ozil ever showing up in a big away game anyway.

Also Welbz and Lacazette have 5 goals between them so far and are forming a partnership.


“The best defensive striker in the world” :wenger2:


Any News?


Groin injury. No news about how long he’s out but I’m sure it will be a good month or so.




British players love the treatment table


Bit of a blessing in disguise as Sanchez will have to play now and he has a decent run of fixtures to get fully up to speed.


He is done for the season, then.


Walcott swoops in from out of left field to surprise us all


… highlighting his trademark good movement he then leaves the ball behind, falls over hilariously and bleats on about how ‘left field’ isn’t his position.That initial sparkle of surprise is quickly replaced by deja vu.


See you in March, Danny




Another major blessing in disguise, maybe we might not even be silly enough to extend him now.

edit: fuck, I read three months. :frowning: What a letdown.


Shame but three weeks isn’t too bad.