Danny Welbeck (23)


Hope he can gain some confidence after these 2 goals. Still need to see him against better teams though.


I don’t know this language. Am I getting old? :see_no_evil:


Yeah you are :grinning: It’s a song


Yeah what’s so special about the song? Seen a couple versions pass by on Twitter. What am I missing?


Oh if it’s a song I don’t feel so old then. I’m just uncool :sunglasses: Even when I was 18 I never liked the “cool” music.


Skrapppp Pap Pap Pap Pap :flushed:? ‘Special’ is one word for it, not the word i’d use :grimacing::grimacing:


I do not envy your generation.


Nothing special about it at all it’s a poor attempt at comedy that has somehow caught on and become a meme, very annoying


I love that song in a totally ironic fashion. It’s brilliant because it’s so fucking awful.


It’s actually a great song, you old people should stick to vinyl records of Nat King Cole and the like.





Really worried Wenger is gonna find some way to start him against Chelsea.


Yeah I’m worried too, well at least with this front 3 setup. On paper Welbeck scored 2 goals and got an assist but Lacazette and Ozil both did really well in that game too. If Alexis needs to be forced in and someone needs to be dropped there’s no logical reason for Welbeck to be in there over Lacazette.

He brings something to the team though. Twice he’s charged the keeper down and got something from it in the last few games. I’d happily have his legs as part of a front 4. I always feel like we’re slightly less likely to put in a lifeless performance if he’s on the pitch, even if he’s inevitably going to do something that makes you want to facepalm.


I don’t see why he wouldn’t tbh. Obviously Alexis and Ozil are better players but if we were to start Laca on Sunday I’d probably drop Ozil and have Welbz and Alexis behind the striker.

It’s weird for me to say that as Ozil is by far my favorite player in the squad but as we saw at Anfield we need to change our approach to these difficult away fixtures. We’re probably going to lose the midfield battle so we need to show some graft from the front three.


Didn’t watch Liverpool but him being on the pitch certainly didn’t seem to prevent us from having a lifeless performance.

@Castiel so the plan would be what, cede the midfield battle and hope that some graft from our front three makes the difference? That sounds a bit like our plan at Liverpool last season…


The midfield was totally bollocks in the Liverpool game; as well as the wing backs


I bet it was, hence why I certainly wouldn’t think the solution would be to weaken the midfield by selecting Welbeck over Özil or even Iwobi.


We all know it would never happen but I’d totally sacrifice Ozil’s creativity and drop him to facilitate a counter attacking 4-3-3 in difficult away matches.

Cech, Hector, Mustafi, Kos, Kola, Xhaka, Elneny, Ramsey, Alexis, Welbeck, Laca

That’s a real hard working midfield and attack which should combat Chelsea well in midfield and put pressure on their backline. There’s enough offensive quality in that 11 for us to trouble Chelsea. You need Laca efficiency in matches like these


Haha you say that like we have a midfield? You have been watching us for the last year and a half right?


Welbeck’s forward pressure and closing down is frantic and brilliant.

His first touch can disappear, but he makes up for it in other ways. Works well with Laca.