Danny Welbeck (23)


What’s makes it even worse is that we wanted him on loan and United bullied us into buying him on 100K contract.

Le Prof does Gods work.


This is right.
We have had several players that have been on massive wages that were stalling on contracts but realistically they were never going to go to another top four side.

We have a few players that would probably walk into the first teams of any PL club outside the top six but are squad players here and would rarely play at the big three clubs.

We have Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck etc, who are very important squad players but they would never earn the sort of money we pay them elsewhere and have the chance to play in the CL and at the top level as well.


I do admire his technique. It is not easy to score by falling on your arse.


He scored in the game anyway? I am confused.


Still love Danny. And like Giroud, I think he should be used as a sub or gifted that RW position. Hard to rely on him getting the goals, would rather not burden him with that weight.

I wonder if Wenger has ever thought anything of Fekir? Would be a lovely upgrade.


And he is no Ozil, so I don’t see the point of him being an attacking player.
He is like a reverse Walcott.


Giroud has done enough at club and international level to prove he deserves a bit better than to be on that list. If we brought the hatchet down on a bunch of players in the 25 he shouldn’t be one of them.


I’ve said before, he is the best second choice striker in the PL, but he is at an age where he won’t get the chance for a bigger club than us, as regularly as he does.

But I would agree he has been a good player for us, but not good enough for a genuine title contending club.
Saying that, I’m not sure Lacazette is either.


Showing dude some love two good goals today


Well-done for once Danny! :welbeck:


3 goals in 4 games so far


Ahhh that lovely move with his cheeky chip just wide, deserved a goal. What a hattrick it would of been. Nonetheless great stuff from Welbz. Worked on his finishing!


He pressed everything today and still managed to bag two goals in the process. Clearly in a confident vein of form and should probably start again on Thursday too.


He will be rested if Arsene intends to use him at Stamford Bridge. We have a big squad; Walcott, Giroud and Iwobi will play… Oh and Alexis maybe :smiley:




Probably correct @Bl1nk ! I feel Alexis will slowly be worked into the team soon enough and Welbeck might find himself either benched and looking for minutes again. Can’t help but feel Danny deserves some chances in this current form though.


I really like Welbz, he’s obviously always going to be frustrating as he’s a big gangly lanky fucker but if he ever hits a purple patch he’ll score a bundle due to his movement and athleticism.


What are the chances his second goal was meant to be a cross?


Nah, he fell on his ass so he clearly meant to shoot.


He looked good. I know most people see finishing as a you have it or you don’t kind of trait in a forward but I hope he can actually learn and develop it because if he does get it going he’d be a revelation.

It could just be small details in the way of his fortunes completely turning around.


Cements his spot in the XI until Christmas. Terrible.