Danny Welbeck (23)




It’s inane how little co-ordination he has for a professional athlete. Watching him play is like watching someone get transported into someone else’s skin and try to use it for the first time.


He makes a young Adebayor look like Brian Boitano circa '88.


Movement in that video is superb. He knows the danger areas as well as any forward in the game. He just can’t do anything when he’s in them.

If this guy could finish we’d actually be looking at a world class striker. His movement and ability to find dangerous spaces is excellent.


Welbeck’s skills: falling on his arse to score :arteta:


Reminds me of the old addages:

“Worry if he’s not getting chances, not if he’s missing them”

“If he’s getting chances in good positions the goals will come”

Part of Welbeck’s problem in his first season was that he was dropping too deep and not making these runs. Given how fit he is, he could make loads of those runs a game and the goals could start coming thick and fast. Suarez had poor finishing until he was 26/27.


Eh no.

Before joining Liverpool under the age of 24 Suarez was coming off the back of three seasons where he consecutively scored 19, 22 and 35 league goals.

It’s never going to happen for Welbeck as a striker, you either have it or you don’t and he most certainly doesn’t.


Rumoured to be on 70k too, for me he falls into the category of player whose wage does not accurately reflect his ability or role in the squad. Should be sold on that basis imo


I’ve read he’s on 100K.

Wouldn’t be surprised in the least if it was true.


Need an proper Hatchet man to comb over this squad ruthlessly.

Next appointment after Wenger is so important. Need someone with a determined personality to force his ideals through.


Or a manager/coach that can see their deficiencies and evaluate if they can do anything with that player to make them better and know when to cut their losses. If they can make the player better maybe even used in a different way then fine but if not it the road…jack (wilshere)


In his first couple of seasons Suarez’s conversion rate was shite. Welbeck might not become more prolific but there’s been plenty of late bloomers over the years.

He’s on 100k, which isn’t much for a homegrown forward


For me 100k+ should be reserved for key first 11 players only. Welbeck has never been that for us nor does it look like he will. Smarter thing to do when we signed him was give him a smaller basic and load the contract with bonuses especially considering he was deemed surplus to requirements at Utd and still had to ‘prove himself’ . Everybody wins that way

Between 40k-50k would definitely been a more proportional reflection of his ability and contributions to the squad. Don’t really care about the homegrown thing, shouldn’t factor when considering wage imo

For alot of players in our squad like Elneny, Welbeck, Coq and Ospina we didn’t need to use money to incentivise them to come here. We should have paid them a much smaller wage packet with more bonuses. We’re a big club, the privilege and prestige of playing for Arsenal is reward enough to offset any concerns about their modest salary.

It’s clear we’re offering wages way above market. It the main reason we fail to shift our deadwood


I know someone who disagrees with you. :wenger2:


You won’t find a player of Welbeck’s ability who’s homegrown who is going to take less than 100k. Lingard is on 100k, Young 120k, Milner 140k, Sterling 180k, Henderson 100k and Chamberlain has just been offered 200k by Chelsea FFS



Even then it wouldn’t be hard to find a homegrown hard working forward who chips in with goals or assist.

You examples you mentioned aren’t similar to Welbeck’s situation when we he came to Arsenal at all.


Iwobis contract is a youth contract though, it’s guaranteed his next contract will be 6 figures. When Welbeck came to Arsenal he was a rotation option at United, league title winner and English international. He also had 1 of the best non-penalty goals in the league that year. He was far more established than Lingard or Chamberlain are.


Iwobi signed his 1st team contract in 2016 which put him up to 30k.

Welbeck wasn’t a proven striker and didn’t play a major role in any of Utd success hence why they let him go for a such a low fee. He had something to prove and that should have reflected in our contract offer. ie low basic high bonus

Ox is more established than Welbeck in 2014. Ox has just had 3 top clubs offering him offering him deals. If it wasn’t for Arsenal where would Welbeck be? Bottom line is the contract we gave was way to generous for a bit part player.

I don’t really care about fairness in transfer dealings. All I care about is the club get a good deal


You’ve just proven my point about Iwobi he signed his contract when he had a handful of game under his belt.

SAF benched a prime Rooney for Welbeck against Real Madrid and he played large roles in their title campaigns under SAF. I’m not debating with you about Chamberlain, he’s bang average and still getting 200k a week offers because he’s English and homegrown.

Welbeck’s contract is absolutely market rate for an English homegrown player.


The contract Iwobi signed was more than fair considering he made a successful induction into the 1st team. He’s currently a more effective player than Welbeck now.

If he was such a key player, why was he eventually sold for only £16m? The truth is 100k for a player like Welbeck was not market rate in 2014. At that time Alexis and Ozil were only on 130k -150k. his record for Arsenal to date confirms we had an clear error in giving him that much