Danny Welbeck (23)


Take his workrate and put him at wingback.
He shouldn’t be a striker or winger for that matter.


his finishing has always been poor, used to laugh at him at United for it


Leave. Belongs at Sunderland not Arsenal.


At this point barely good enough as a squad player, two major knee injuries and a bazillion missed chances later not exactly made good on return on investment.

Should be moved on at the earliest opportunity but how much says he gets a new contract.

Mediocrity is what we do here.


Im getting kinda tired of him. Goals change games is the old addage. He could’ve scored yesterday, at Stoke last week and you guys may remember that he had a half chance to make it 0-1 at Stamford Bridge back in Feb. We all.know how that ended up.

An Arsenal quality (ah i remember when we used ti use that term and it had a bit of oomph to it) striker would bury half chances let alone full chances


He’s still living off that goal vs Leicester that didn’t win us the league


He’s 26.5 and can’t finish so I’m inclined to say he’s not a forward.

I wouldn’t be against shoving him at wingback because in this system I don’t want him anywhere near those 3 important attacker spots. If running in straight lines and putting in the odd cross made Ox a world class wingback then he probably could be too.


Thing is Ox can actually dribble and beat his man. Welbeck aside from the occasional kick on (Walcott style) can’t. If we had a manager that did tactics, and wanted a workrate wide forward in a 4-3-3 for certain games, or a forward to spearhead a coordinated press than he’d have a use, but in Wenger’s Arsenal where it’s just about your overall ability there is no point for a player like him, he should really be sold.


I love how we’re trying to now rationalise / normalise the behaviour of shoving any of our shit players out to wingback where they hopefully can’t be as bad :laughing: Cheers Arsène


Really thought we were gonna win the league here :thinking:



I didn’t.


because you are so fucking negative :xhaka::henry2:


Lacazette vs Welbeck :laughing:


:joy: The laugh at the end killed me


Welbeck is the epitome of a Wenger transfer.

Good value, hard working, versatile, bought at the end of the window, not what we needed but too good to turn down at a bargain price, no other decent club interested, no better than what we had and underwhelming when we needed world class.

Our first team is full of this type of player.
Europa League quality and no more.


he never would have been signed had Giroud not got injured right at the start of the season, now we’re lumbered with him

would struggle to get in the Stoke team


but yet a4tt says laca is shit he does stuff like this a lot. But rates chamberpot and Walcott SMH such a troll!


We wanted to just loan him. Manure bullied us in to buying him.


They clearly didn’t rate him very highly then.

I suppose he was only their fourth choice striker so it was unrealistic of us to expect too much from him.


Welbeck’s a good lad. On the wing in a tough away game suits him. He’s like Giroud, squad player for the right scenario and easily worth the 16m we paid. We just need better first choices.