Danny Welbeck (23)




Kane and Alli have no such qualms about diving


Yep, and one of them (Kane) happens to be the best English player around. Coincidence? Or maybe not being a dumb “honest” cunt on the pitch and being good are related.


Young, Sterling, Vardy…

Tbf to them though they don’t dive, but they’re just doing a “smart play”.


forgot Vardy in that too, little rat faced bastard.


Ha, yeah there are loads. We just happen to be stuck with the only honest one!


Walcott is also way too “honest” at times and Ramsey–yeah okay he’s Welsh but whatever–too, and Bellerín you’ve practically Englishified him on yesterday’s evidence. Point is you people in GB get off to that honesty shite.


There’s a difference between diving, and a defender actually impeding your ability to score but you stay up and make it harder for the ref to call a pen.




but i guarantee you if one of our players dived the refs will all of a sudden be on the look out for said player and will not get anything apart from cards seems to happen that way with us. Wehn someone in our team dives we are dispicable cheating diving bastards manu player does it of a chavski its gamesmanship i remember when eduardo dived against celtic. Fucking hell it was in the papers the next day how he cheated celtic out of ‘win’ when they were nowhere near a win but they were saying decisions like this turn games and if celtic went onto score they could have been in with a chance yadda yadda.




:joy: Yeah, maybe. But players who aren’t idiots tend to be better and players who aren’t idiots tend to be willing to act clever to get a decision, instead of act like a Danny Welbeck and not. So there’s probably some correlation. :slight_smile:


Yeah I can see your logic, just think that Kane would be one of England’s best regardless.

The reality is that staying on your feet when you actually have been fouled is a mug’s game, all you’re achieving is not getting decisions you bloody deserve.


Well, if he were a bit of an idiot on the pitch like Welbeck I definitely don’t think he’d be one of England’s best, we might not even know his name. It’s very hard to be an idiot (on the pitch) and a good footballer and it’s very hard to not be an idiot (on the pitch) and participate in that “mug’s game”, as you say, so yeh.


I do agree. Sometimes you have to be sneaky to win the games.


If you watched motd…they show Zouma booting the back of Welbeck’s calf causing him to drag his shot. Penalty.


Annoying because he trips over the ball and his feet 3 times a game and then somehow manages to keep balanced enough when he gets contact in the box.


Andre Mariner should have something terrible done to him, I don’t know what, but it should be terrible.


It’s getting to the point that I can’t stand the sight of this guy. He can’t finish to save his life and he’s about as graceful as Emile Heskey after a fat line of ketamine


Out of all the baffling decisions I put this one up top. He can’t shoot and often can’t even control the football. But muh workrate tho.