Danny Welbeck (23)


you answer is ‘shit happens’?

laughable complacency, you’d fit right in in our dressing room, they don’t give a fuck either


We are shit.


yup its called arsenal :henry2:


What do you mean “we have Alexis coming back.”
He doesn’t even want to be here, let alone play at his best.
As for the new signings settling in, it’s not as if we have gone out and bought a whole new team, and they are all learning to play together.
I don’t notice Lukaku, Chicarito, Morata, Salah, etc, struggling to settle in.
Even Mounie at Huddersfield didn’t take long to start playing well at the top level.


Welbz, Welbz, Welbz… I love the guy and his runs are school examples of how a forward should act. He gets into the right position, he’s quick, can play one touch to awesomeness in the build up and works f-ing harder than any other guy on the pitch. I just wish he had that last vital important thing: finishing. You know how great a player for us he would be then? So f-ing sad!!


Worth a punt but hasn’t worked out really… need more quality in attack overall but we knew that… back to you, mr. Wenger… you have time left in window.


I don’t relate to people being upset this early, Lacazette is looking good and once settled will be a weekly goalscorer so we’re sorted there. Sorted when Alexis comes back, who’s in last year of contract and will need to perform more than ever. You can say I don’t care but I do care about the positive things


As much as I like him he’'s squad player status that’s it.

The inconsistency and wastefulness in front of goal will always be his Achilles heel and that will never change.


You are joking?

No one is saying you don’t care, we all do, you’re being unrealistic.
Wenger and the board would love nothing more than all supporters to be like you.
They could put even less effort than they are already doing, buying players, if that’s possible.


Shit will also happen at Anfield and Stamford Bridge in the next month.


Ok we’ll see, I think we’ll win one of those games, or draw both, because we actually aren’t a bad team, screwed over by the ref yesterday


I stopped watching yesterday once he fluffed the chance when he was through on goal, had 2 or 3 other chances he should have buried too. Lucas perez is better than him


wenger seems to be getting rid of players like lucas that are better than the dross we are playing…i cant wait until he leaves i feel he is playing games with the club now and it is all ego driven. He keeps on saying he loves the club but actions speak louder than words he has no love for the club the club is just he way of showing his ego and pushing his control on everyone.

Even his announcement of the contract he waited and waited disrupted our season until the very end and only now saying ‘i had players asking me what was going on and if i am staying’ and that in hindsight it was a bad idea. Any fucking retard knows this stuff causes disruption he isnt that dumb no one is, it is all control and trying to show supporters and the club alike that he is in charge and will do what he wants when he wants, the fucking spineless board wont get rid either they have stockholms.


Dictators must be rip apart.


Should he have squared it?


If Giroud hadn’t squared that he’s be getting slaughtered.

Turns out, from the little we’ve seen, Giroud and Laca work quite well together


That’s what I thought when I first watched it but a player of his quality I have a hard time believing he could put in a decent square ball there on the half volley.


Trust Welbeck to shoot with his studs FIFA 2005 style lol. Couldn’t compose himself to get his toes between or under the ball.


Being fouled at the time does make it harder to compose yourself and take your shot to be fair.

Still think he’d probably have fucked it anyway lol


God, fucking “honest” English brainless cunts infuriate me. Just go down FFS, it’s about winning the game not getting a cool little medal for honesty.