Danny Welbeck (23)


Was it not a ACL tear in the end? Just MCL? Seems too fast to come back from an ACL if it was that.


It was neither, he’s had knee issues due to cartilage damage.


Is that chronic?


That line-up is probably the best argument of why we need to sign more creativity in the summer.


Apparently so.


I give you that.
At start of season, I thought we would sign a first choice winger & Iwobi will be our attacking outlet in second team.
Since that is not the case & Gnabry left, I hope we bring in a young AM from internally or externally soon.

Fucking Zelalem & Co; all hype & no where to be found.


Forgot he was still an Arsenal player


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Man I hope that’s true. We really need more attacking options. When he came back from his last injury, he was one of the few players that had a good second half of the season, amongst all the collapse we suffered.


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Dat Guy is gonna win us the league


Same as last season. :gunnersaurus:


exactly… glad you’re on board :welbeck:


Lol his Manchester United DNA shined through when he scored the winner against Leicester, but as much as he willed us on to win the league he couldn’t counteract the other 24 players and their Arsenal DNA in the end.


He was quality last season. The injury came at wrong moment.


I don’t want us to be in a position where we’re rushing him back but I’ve missed Welbeck.

He brings a lot of qualities to the team whether it’s defensive contribution, link up play or versatility. The there’s the fact he does not share some of the mental frailties that are hallmarks of the players here.

Was such a shame when he got injured because he was putting in some very good performances as a CF.


Looked really good last season, been a while since we played an actual, pacey and mobile striker up front. Hopefully he has a strong return.