Danny Welbeck (23)


Last week when he almost fluffed that chance with an open goal was the cue to not include him in the squad and only use him sparingly.


His movement is excellent. Wish he could finish.


Yet Theo will be slightled for the exact opposite. Don’t ya wish he had shittier movement and could score a fucking goal like Theo?


Theo couldn’t outmuscle a paper bag. He was invisible when he came on. At least Welbeck has some sort of prescence.


He was given 10 minutes to do something when Stoke had already parked the bus please, that’s some bullshit if I’ve ever seen it. Are you telling me with a straight face that Theo isn’t burying at least 2 of those chances? Because we all know he can get into position and makes good runs.


Yep Theo isn’t burrying any of them.


the cunt seems to do well enough for england. Same with a lot of our shitbag player, for their country that is not fucking paying them they look quite decent but that is too much to ask for the club that pays their fucking wages.

Sick to living fuck of 95% of our players i wouldnt care if they all were pretty much sold and we started again most of our players just arent good enough and that comes from our esteemed manager and his projects and ‘i see something in him’ always buying mediocre or shit players.


Not even worth my time, it’s clear bias then.


For all of Theo’s shortcomings he’s a lot more clinical and convincing with his finishing than Welbeck. Welbeck makes himself chances no one else does though.


if you mix them 2 you might have a decent squad player but by themselves they are utter gash one shouldnt have been bought the other should have been sold at least 5 years ago.


They’re both players who aren’t good enough to be starting at a club with title ambitions


I am just angry. Welbeck the turd costed us the game.


this is wengers legacy leaving us with terrible players and the longer he stays the worse the damage it could take a top class manager possibly many years to get the squad right again.


True, just let Luca let off some steam before he recovers :laughing:


Thanks for your prediction. Always right :xhaka:


In an upbeat mood because of Leicester win and our performance v Stoke last season the last thing on your mind is losing. Shit happens. It’s only the 2nd game


If you say so…




Surely even you can see this is not because it’s “only the second game.”
That’s such a feeble excuse.
Stoke beat us, and it was only their second game.

What would it take for you to actually admit things are going wrong and that Wenger is too blame?

The fact that our best players are hovering by the revolving doors with the sign above it saying: “Top quality players this way,” while refusing to sign new contracts, would be an indication that they think there is something very wrong with the club and manager as well.


Like I said shit happens… we were unlucky and it’s too early to be concerned. We have Alexis coming back and new signings will settle in and improve. So we won’t dramatically decline.