Danny Welbeck (23)


I’m a lot less reluctant lol. Sorry @Leper it just didn’t catch on mate :joy:


Ah too late @JakeyBoy My vote is now going to @SRCJJ :grin:


A price worth paying for not crossing Leper.



I’m sure Leper is a pussycat really


Hahaha I appreciate your treating my fucking about as something that needs to be respected mate. :joy:


On the topic of Welboys feet: Did anyone else think his feet looked noticeably quicker and more nimble vs. Leicester than I remember them? Or maybe it was just me and my poor memory.

I do agree with you on your next post though Luca, a striker needs to score. As a utility player though he is still high enough in the pecking order in our current squad that I wouldn’t sell him.


Who the fuck is Danny Welbeck, change it back to Eighties.



^ this is brilliant.


He can’t score again.




So wasteful


So shit.


Thanks Danny! It’s all down to you today.


Sunderland was his level. :welbeck:


Expect Wenger’s brigades to come into his defence. @GunnerGirl, @Arsenal4thetreble, @Kaner and @Oliver


Have I been saying he’s amazing and should be starting or something? The only two players I defend weren’t at fault for today’s debacle. The players I’ve been calling to be replaced were completely at fault though.


Eh… He’s a good squad player at best. Don’t agree with him starting so why am I tagged


His fucking finishing is never going to improve. It’s just our luck (and to be fair his movement) that the majority of our chances fall to him. Absolutely awful in front of goal.


Luca needs to let out his rage, let him do his thing and then we can move on :wenger: