Danny Welbeck (23)


What is going on with our English talent? Need a total revamp


Tuttomercato report… :smile:


This fucking thread title… :roll_eyes:

Let it go @Leper it’s never going to become a thing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Its properly misleading. I keep expecting to see Phil Collins music vids or some shit


I wouldn’t be against selling him but other players need selling before him


WTF does the title to this thread mean ?? Thought this related to Arsenal teams in 80s ??


Something to do with his haircut I think


give us a clue? anyone?


Very The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air style :wenger:


Okay lol :joy:


Just not in support of selling him before the likes of Theo, Lucas, Debuchy, Jenks, Coquelin… they all go before him.

But if the right offer is made then why not?


I’m not in favour of selling him at all. I’m a big fan. I think he is great for England too, always puts in a performance. We shouldn’t even be entertaining offers for him.


The problem is his feet. FFS! They are awry :hipster:


Leave his feet alone! :hipster: He’s a good option, seems to work well with Laca and was decent v Chelsea and Leicester. I think he’s quite underrated – I mean, look at how upset some Man United fans were to lose him.


I like him, but a striker does have to score :wink: :hipster:


Technicality. What I’m not in favour of though is referring to him as “Eighties”. What the hell is that?! Change it back!


He’s not one of the players we need to shift so unless Everton want to pay very good money for him they can just start a bitting war with Newcastle for Lucas Perez instead


I’m somewhat reluctant to try and overrule my fellow mod…


Do it! You’ll get my vote for mod of the year if you do :wink:


Convert him to a wingback. He is no striker.