Danny Welbeck (23)


I dunno tbh, Travolta done a pretty great job as the American Bond in From Paris with Love.





Fucking shocking really.


With assists like that I reckon he’s more prolific than Pires.


You know he’s a special player when he even sets up Ox to score.


I’d argue that he’s less productive tho


Enough is enough. I have always liked him, but he is costing us the game.


The more fundamental question here is why we looked so shockingly on defense. That is what is costing us the game.


Out defending has cost us the lead here. Not Danny.


Two FB’s at CB and a manager who lacks tactical nous.

Match made in heaven.


I reckon we’re going to see Monreal more often as CB than LB this season. But missing Mustafi/Mertesacker to organise us, shouldn’t make us this disjointed.


Yeah looks like he’ll be at CB quite a bit, I’d say missing Mustafi and Per is the main reason for looking so nervy.

Any semblance of organisation doesn’t come from Wenger that’s for sure.

Feel sorry for Holding as he’s getting run ragged out there.


Should have scored 2 at least.


If he could finish half as well as he gets into brilliant positions he’d score more than Ronaldo.


scored his goal but he almost messed it up like normal, shouldn’t be starting games for us but happy to have him as a backup



Fuck all chance of that


No chance Wenger will sell him this late


Would be quite indifferent tbh. Would rather lose Theo, but losing a player thats spent half their career chasing their first touch cant be a bad thing.


No chance. There are worse deadwoods to sell before him.