Daniele Rugani

Fuck it, let’s get him now, we’re desperate.

Loan with option to buy would be a good deal IMO.

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Colour me underwhelmed.

Obligation? Fuuuuuuuuck that if true.

Loan is cool though but we need to see what ol’ boy got first.

This is the same guy who kept saying Dybala to United was practically a done deal. Color me skeptical.

I’d much rather buy Rugani than buy nobody, which seems like a pretty strong possibility.

Pedulla sucks. Please may he continue to suck. I didn’t want to make a player thread because that would make it official



Arsenal are like students that blow all their money shopping for designer nikes and Apple products to then buy food at the reduced shelf in Tesco’s

It the sort of thing Wenger would do. Need a defender? Buy loads of attackers :slight_smile:

Not sure how I feel about obligation to buy but that’s the only way I can see Juventus accepting our bid. A 2 year loan with an option to buy does nothing for there books.

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Man… I don’t know what to say. :sleepy:

Would honestly prefer sticking with Mustafi rather than getting Rugani or Upamecano.
If we have money to spend save them and spend it when you’re prepared. This feels too rushed and bound to be a panic acquisition.

I mean… he was an excellent defender 4 seasons ago? Who knows…

Sometimes I think you say things for a reaction lol

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I have no idea about rugani’s level or how good a defender he’d be but I agree with this

I guess the club had their hand forces with Kos departure. Even if it was criminal to want to stick with Kos, his departure certainly fucked up our summer plans.

Only God knows who’s arrival has been blocked by Kos decision.


I want to celebrate a signing but I’m nervous he’s the Italian Mustafi reading stuff on here about him. I can’t deal with another one


He’s definitely better than Mustafi. I’m certain of that lol

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A bit on Rugani from Serie A expert Matt Santangelo:

I trust your opinion mate since you worked out Mustafi even before we signed him lol