Daniel Craig Confirms Return to James Bond Role


James Bond fans were shaken and stirred Tuesday night. :facepalm:

Daniel Craig officially confirmed he will return to the role of Agent 007 in the upcoming Bond 25 on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday. Craig had previously been attached to the project by reports from the New York Times and others, but never confirmed personally — until his appearance on Colbert’s show.

“Yes,” Craig told Colbert point-blank, when asked if he will return as the secret agent. He said he’s known he would reprise the role for “a couple of months” now.

Wonder who will direct the next one. Some rumors say it’s Christopher Nolan.


I hope it’s Martin Campbell.

He does the BEST Bond movies. Take it all back to Casino Royale for one last hurrah.

Don’t know how I’d feel about Nolan, he’s not really a “bond” director in my eyes.


Agreed. I question if he could really make a Bond film his own.


I tend to find Bond films are lately just lazy Sunday afternoon movies.

Would love to see Nolans take on it all.




Great director