Dani Ceballos (8)

nice :xhaka2:

good goal all the way, great run by Saka was it first, fumbling by Pepe and great finish by Ceb. Not mad.

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Good goal tbf.

He now has two good things now.

That Burnley home game in August when he looked like the new Fabregas.

and now this last minute winner in an FA Cup away quarter final

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When he tangled with John Fleck he lifted up his shirt and pointed to his 6 pack when Fleck was talking to him.

Superb shithousery :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I thought he was just indicating to the player where he hit him.

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You are probs correct but I like my story better :joy:


“I have better abs than you ever will, pal”


“Abs-ence makes the heart grow fonder, ya prat”

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I would really like to know who the new midfielders are going to be next season.


Was a really nice finish from not the easiest angle.

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I think “why” would be a more appropriate question


Get hyped for that Xhaka-Matteo double pivot. :arteta:

All aggression, no brains, no legs.

The Sun reports today AFC will not attempt to sign Dani this summer

got to be the right decision so I hope that’s right

Yeah, has done well in certain games and scored a QF winner but wouldn’t want us spending £30-40m on him :grin:

Weird thing is that Madrid won’t get that from any sane team for him so he’ll end up on yet another season being a squad player or getting loaned to another club.
Why don’t they just make profit on him? I’m sure if they asked 20-25m some teams would pay that.

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We will buy or loan him again for next season.

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Guendo and Dani would be an amazing base of midfield, with the way they can both pressure and win the ball back effectively but they both are lacking in creativity. We need someone to play slightly ahead of them that can create chances.

they will both most likely not be at arsenal next season