Dani Ceballos (8)

This guy sold us a peak Fabregas dream against Burnley :rofl:

Solid squad player tbf. Wouldn’t mind him for ~10m next year.

He’s another one of those players, great when you play him at home but once he’s away from the Emirates, he’s no good to you. I think he be hit and miss this season, and if we can get him on the cheap next summer. He be a decent squad player but don’t see him been a answer to the position we need him in.

You will see a few performances like the Burnley one again, but they be mostly agaisnt bottom half teams in the PL and more then likely be at the Emirates. He’s a good solid player, he’s got a bit of fire to him but don’t think he take us to the next level.

He will be one who will suffer probably more than most under Emery with our midfield mess.
Im not sure how good he is or not but we’re not going to see the real player under this manager.




They don’t even need Ceballos back…


Øzigaard :giroud2:

A Premier league keeper would lap that pass up

Started tonight and replaced by Cazorla.:wink:

I have been quite impressed by what I have seen of Ceballos in an Arsenal shirt so far. Although he needs to develop to become as good as Santi was just before he picked up his terrible injuries. Thought Santi was the best player in the club for a while and we went right downhill after he got crocked. I feel Ceballos could become as good as peak Santi in time.

He has good energy and seems to move and pass with the ball well as well as being willing to try and do his bit of pressing when needed. He’s still young with lots of time to develop but along with Guendouzi’s continued development I think he’s been a bright spot in midfield so far this season.

I have been very pleased with the youngsters in general. Tierney, Saka, Martinelli and Willock all looking good/very good and Rheiss-Nelson showing some signs too. If Pepe can come good added to a returning Holding, Bellerin and hopefully Laca (soon) we should have a strong squad. Thought a still quite young Chambers has showed good progress too.

Looking forward to seeing Ceballos and co back after the International break and hopefully with a strong squad like this getting fit, Emery has no excuses not to get this team flying now.

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Said he wants to go back to Real Madrid and cement a place in the team in a statement yesterday so I honestly wouldn’t pin too much responsibility on him. Use him as a decent squad player to help us out when needed, but way more important for us to develop Guendouzi and Willock and evening Torreira.

Yes good point. I guess I was hoping we could make it a permanent move if he turned out to be a top player for us.

Still hope he can make a big contribution in the year he is with us and I am sure the others will get plenty of game time given all the cup games we have to play on top of the PL. The Spursday nights games are a good way of getting game time across all the squad although I would love us to graduate to the CL again sooner rather than later.

Regardless of his statements you want to at least make an effort to keep him. One of the ways to do that is offering playing time. If he still refuses to think about / make a move the outcome would have been the same as it would have been anyway.

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Emeryball isn’t likely to make him stay tbf

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Did he explicitly say this or are we reading between the lines? I haven’t been able to find what he’s said

Marca deleted the tweet but they had him quoted as saying he wants to go back to RM and fight for his spot.

A lot of talk on Twitter regarding Ceballos and whether or not we shall commit on him.
Wonder what you guys think?
I would take him for 10-20 million but won’t lie, I think Willock and Guendouzi are much better prospects than him.

Willock and Guendouzi are much more equipped to perform under Emery than Ceballos.

I’d like to see him under another manager. So keep, I guess.

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Ceballos is worlds apart from Willock in terms of his quality on the ball. His hit and miss performances are to be expected from a player arriving from an underwhelming season in another league.

Given time, and a system that isn’t wholly reliant on its full backs, we have a top talent on our hands.

If we could nab him from Madrid for €40m it’s a no brainer in my eyes.


I don’t see how €40m is a reasonable fee.
He’s not doing bad, he’s certainly not doing good but he’s solid. He’s not Madrid quality for sure and the current manager doesn’t like him.
If we can get him for cheap we should do it, if not move on.