Dani Ceballos (8)

Signed with Celta Vigo

Erm, that’s low imo. Reckon Madrid will want more if he does perform well.

Any actual credible links? Loan would seem very astute business for this guy, but is that even realistic?

Guendou has a pretty mean through ball on him, I think we’ll see a lot more creativity from him this season. As for this kid the deal seems to suit our needs but who would you say he’s similar to in his style?

I watched two complication videos, in one he looked like a shit Elneny going for the boring sideway and backwards passes then in another he looks like the reincarnation of Xabi Alonso, pulling strings all over the place. So I know less now than I did before I watched them.

Yeah, I love Guendouzi but he’s strictly a 6 for me. In a team that’s trying to play good, progressive football he’s not an option as an 8, IMO, and he would have to improve a lot and become a pretty different player to be so.

Ceballos I would say so far looks a bit like an early Wilshere, but better. Really good ball-carrying and dribbling. Needs to show more end product and ability to break the lines. But he’s a big talent and immediately adds something to our team.


Yeh the third video I watched showed of his dribbling and he looked a lot like Jack at his best. Do you think he would replace Ozil and play ahead of Torreria and Guendouz/unfortunately Xhaka?

I mean, the only time we only looked decent last season (and no, I’m not talking about that time in the autumn where we repeated our feat of luck from 13/14) was when Ramsey was playing in a 2 with Torreira or Xhaka and Özil and another creative player or 2 (if you consider Lacazette that, which I kinda do) were playing ahead of them. So I would hope not. But Emery’s football is Emery’s football so yeah, an under-creative trivote is always likely. Especially if he manages to bring in some wingers and phase Özil out. (Honestly not sure which is better, Emery’s hand being forced to play less conservatively which produced our only real decent performances last season, or Emery actually being able to fit the personnel properly around his boring ideas about football–trivote and wingers and over-lapping fullbacks galore–in the end shit is shit and Emery is shit so it’s kind of a pointless question, I guess what most matters is what is most bareable to watch aesthetically or what contains more young players with a chance to contribute when Emery finally isn’t here, because we can’t even root for resultism since the best care scenario under resultism–finishing 4th–comes with a potential massive disadvantage: Emery getting another year).

Like has changed his tune lol

Soooo slooooowwwwwww

“The player likes the idea”


I have absolutely no problem with it. Arsenal needs players now and a loan deal for such a quality player leaves funds to strengthen elsewhere. If Arsenal wants to buy him and the player wants a permanent move to Arsenal next summer, they can revisit it then. In the meantime, he can help Arsenal get back into the Champions League this year. Being creative is a good thing.

we have and you know it brother.

you know it when you hug a friend you haven’t seen in a long time and you hug them really long and really hard and they get all giddy but what they don’t know is that what you’re actually doing inside is taking the opportunity to act out some of the despair that Arsenal brings you nowadays.

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arsenal come in with a loan offer and Ceballos is like this

Tbf we’ve always been smaller than Real Madrid.

Maybe not, ‘loan them players a la Sevilla’ small, but still


He should play with Ozil, but Torreira/Ceballos/Guendouzi or Xhaka midfield incoming if this has merit to it.


Another one that prefers us over Spurs?

He gave a spurs fan the wink though

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