Dani Ceballos (8)

The only Real this chump will be appearing for is the Real Housewives of Andalusia am i rite?


I reckon he’ll retire at Arsenal. Being loaned out all the time.
An Arsenal and Real Madrid legend in the end. :xhaka2: :+1:

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Desperate Housewives is better

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Apples and oranges. One is scripted and one is scripted with people who aren’t professional actors.


I can’t see him being in Real’s plans but I can’t blame him for that being his ambition.

My worry is that if he leaves us next summer permanently, it makes it less likely that we’ll really push to sell and replace Xhaka. It seems more likely that we’ll buy someone to replace Ceballos but end up keeping Xhaka around since Arteta won’t want to shake up our central midfield group too dramatically in one window.

On the other hand, I don’t think he is worth a big outlay either. He is maybe a 20-25m player at most. I doubt any Spanish club will pay more than that for him and that might even be generous.

Why the fuck would he want to stay at this club, we fucking suck and Arteta is an arrogant clown, u ppl hate ur own club so if anything I’d figure you’d all be sympathetic to his situation. I’d be trying to get back to Madrid too and away from this cancer of a football team :joy::joy:

Years are starting to count for Modric tbh. Who knows if Odegaard wants another year on the bench. Surely he is in the pecking order behind Valverde, Kroos (and Modric for the time being). But there is a path too minutes there.

Lelelelelelleleel u smoked af homeboi !
The skinny spanish crack addict is going straight back to the midtable tapas league where he belongs deeerp :joy: :joy: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Tbf, it’s not even some feat to play for Madrid anymore. :rofl:

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A combined 26 million for Ceballios and Isco will go a long way to reaching that Mbop fee.


I would take him for 10m tbh


Fake news. Dani said he’s going to make it there :bergkamp2:

I hope he’s ready for it. Being the club’s janitor is a very responsible job.

I wouldn’t. Good luck at Valladolid.

Gotta be the dogs bollocks to wear Pink boots Dani. Your only half that equation and its not the canine half.

Happy birthday Stroller!

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Thought he was playing some sweet passes today from midfield.

I’ve been told he was of our best first half but faded 2nd half.

he can play with their under 15s