Dan Bentley



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In a total shocker, this guy was at Brentford when our man Iñaki first got there.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re looking at him more as a third keeper than a backup.


Apparently he was in our academy in the 2000’s

Signed for the Arsenal Academy (as mentioned by @RockyMaivia , then has played for Southend Utd, Braintree Town, Brentford, Bristol City and now Wolves. He’s Essex born and bred, so I’m sold!


No! Why?! He’s barely championship level.

Inaki just loves people he’s worked with before, doesn’t he?

Third choice goalkeeper so I have no care levels.

On a personal note for him backup at Arsenal is a different level to backup at Wolves

How much do Wolves wants for him, because ‘suitable offer’ sounds like they want to play hardball.



Ffs. Someone stop him!


Who the hell is this.

Always signing goalkeepers

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Fucking hell, is that Harry Kane’s long lost twin brother?

If we sell Ramsdale we don’t want this our guy as number 2. My pal who’s a wolves fan says he isn’t even good enough to be their number 2

I used to keep up to date with Southend United back in the day because of family, and he was really decent for them if that’s anything to go by

Will he be third choice? Karl Hein just signed a contract extension, will he be second choice?

Edit: just read on Arseblog that Heinz will go out on loan.

Not sure what your sauce for this is but I’d keep him around, he can be a great complement to the rest of our team.


So this means that Dan won’t be beHeined Karl in the pecking order, should he and Ramsdale leave the club next season in some capacity.

Probably just being signed to meet homegrown rules for the prem an Champions league

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Our keep-keepers keep being kept on, it seems.

Supposedly, Wolves have set a £1m price and Arsenal don’t want to pay it, or want to squeeze every penny.

If that’s the case, this deal gets done.

Nah we have zero worries in that regard.

Unless we sell a shit load of them.