CSKA Moscow Vs Arsenal (UEL Quarter Final 2nd Leg)


  • CSKA Moscow to qualify
  • Arsenal to qualify

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Kill the game off in the first half. Thanks. Laca to score again.


@Electrifying, you really the most anti-Arsenal fan ever! CSKA seriously to qualify? Seriously? :sanchez2: :sanchez2: :sanchez2: :gabriel:


:arteta: :poldi: :mustafi:



Don’t be so cocky amico Mio @Luca_from_Italy


Scottish troll.


Going to say 1-1 draw, hopefully we don’t put in some horror show and make it difficult for ourselves.


3-0 CSKA


At least we will be in great company with Barcelona :+1:


We will need a goal or we wont control this. Can see extra time and then advancing.


Troll :xhaka:


Lol at people scared because Roma beat Barca 3-0 :facepalm:. Like CSKA were Roma :mustafi:


No mate its Wenger. Newcastle 4 4 Anderlecht 3 3 etc.


CSKA are fucking poor at the back. We will score 1 goal at least.


He just can shut up, tbh.


Surely we’ll score a goal at some point, that old backline, we have Ozil


Think we have enough to cause them damage. I just hope we’re more composed defensively than we have been. We need a proper performance still.


If he means in general I’m with him. If he means agaisnt CSKA he’s taking shit.





We’ll win 2 or 3 - 1.


well shit.

Jack better perform in his favoured deeper central position then.

Barcelona now Real fucking this up and your fuckers dont think we’re about to outdo them tomorrow lol