Crystal Palace Vs Arsenal (PL)


That wasn’t his thing, I reckon most of us would put a player on the posts from corners (I definitely would and whoever I was watching do co commentary on Thursday even said, “if you don’t want to do it normally at least do it late in a game when two goals up”, which seems a sensible approach). It was players on the posts for free kicks that he wanted…


That goes back to the Graham era when either Dixon, Winterburn or O’Leary used to be on the near and far post.
Considering we had the best defensive record in the League, it must have worked.


Yeah Wenger keeps making the same weird mistakes a lot of the time, especially with zonal marking which really hasn’t worked for us for going on 10 years now.

Doing the same thing repeatedly, and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Or maybe just senility.


You could also say, stubbornness and arrogance.


You could also say belief.


It was his thing to bring it up (and make it an endless discussion) all the time we conceded from a set piece to the point where the discussion went towards having them standing there on all set pieces (which was never going to work the way he thought lol).