Crystal Palace Vs Arsenal (PL)


more than that, you see how sanchez scolds the team constantly, most of the team will let it roll off them but it effects ozil that is why he came to arsenal because he needed his manager to believe in him etc. I just find it a bit of coincidence that sanchez has played absolute shit all this season to play reasonably ok today and ozils performances have come on up for last few weeks leading up to this window. One seems to be more happy and confident and one put in a ‘display’ just as the transfer period starts.



1-0 Mustafi

1-1 Townsend

2-1 Sanchez

3-1 Sanchez

3-2 Tomkins


What are you basing that on exactly?


A palpable dislike for Sanchez.


heis bitching attitude the second a pass goes astray, the waving off players like they are a nuisance to him, those casual things he does all the time.


Honestly I think you’re talking out of your hoop or at the very least overblowing all the negatives when it comes to Sanchez. The will he leave thing is basically a soap opera and you’re the target audience it seems.


You’ve got the 1-1 twice.


yeah well we will see when he is finally gone then and see how much more of a cohesive unit we are…will i still be talking out of my hoop then?


Yeah, corrected it :wink:


We’ll be a different team. Who we replace him with will make a massive difference to that equation. Taking out a world class player won’t improve us though imo.


We could get Messi and still wouldn’t be a cohesive unit at all…lol

The issues in this team go way, way deeper than a single player.


I don’t know if Arsène limited Steve Bould, but now it’s time to sign a top first team coach who can teach how to defend and keep the concentration.

Arsenal played well and deserved to win, but the defensive mistakes, the lack of concentration & wrong substitutions (AW took of Lacazette too early, especially for a defensive midfielder) risked to cost us the three points. Sànchez, Wilshere(completely reborn) and Calum :ok_hand:t3:.


Sànchez has been a negative factor for Arsenal until now, and games like yesterday are an evident proof. Arsenal lose when he causes problems & win when the chilean is totally focused on the game [tonight vs Palace, vs Spurs, vs Brighton, vs Everton].

Wilshere’s assist to Sànchez looked like an :rainbow:. Jack is completely recovered and is deserving to sign a new contract. Tonight he showed again to be the best english midfielder in the EPL, much better than Henderson, Winks, Loftus and other ass kissers called by Southgate.


Finally a decent away performance. Was never going to be an easy game.


Bye bye Alexis.




Koscielny not celebrating Sanchez goal. Our dressing room must be toxic!


I wouldn’t read too much into it, it’s pointless to run all the way from there especially when he has some Achilles problem, he’s just shown calmness


Still frustrating not being able to defend, we could have dropped points in this match that we dominated for long periods simply because we don’t know how to defend.


If Koscielny can’t celebrate a goal because of his Achilles then he shouldn’t be a professional football player anymore lol


If only Brady was still here we’d have a good old discussion about players covering the posts on corners after the second goal. We’re somehow still conceding way too many easy goals.