Crystal Palace Vs Arsenal (PL)


Big game under the Monday night lights. Palace in the middle of a relegation battle under Big Sam.

I think we will draw here sadly. 1-1.

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Palace win

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Yeah I’m going 1-1 also.


Impressive win #2 of 2 here, we make up a little more ground on Liverpool or City or both, and whispers abound about an announcement on the manager’s future…:sunglasses:


Just when I was hoping we might go on a winning run, Calum decides to be selfish and start a new match day thread.


Nope players seem to be fighting a little bit now…seems they want wenger to stay, i reckon we will win this another performance like they had today!


Think of it as a nuanced protest. Let’s not give Wenger a reason.

Well played Calum.


Local game so have to beat them… The Railway Telegraph thornton heath…top draw jerk chicken…


This is going to be tough. Palace have been playing some good football lately, we’re meeting them whilst they’re on form. Depends what Arsenal turn up as usual.


Giroud has to start


Let’s just say this will be a tougher test then what West Ham put up to us. Expecting a lot of bullying by Big Sam’s team, especially on that small pitch and the crowd right up next to our players. I would play Giroud up front for this one, to hold the ball up and take pressure of our defence. I’d play Welbeck instead of Walcott just for his strength. Going to be a battle.

Our record there is pretty good but this is our first game there with Big Sam there. Aside from tonight’s result at Southampton (which is a tough place to go) they have been playing well.

I think either they win or we get a hard fought draw, don’t see us winning. Tonights game with West Ham was the easiest game we played since West Ham away, if we win at Palace then colour me impressed.


Another tricky game. Hopefully we can just edge it.


Another easy win upcoming.


That was a good win against West Ham, although I think they were very poor and Bilic is under more pressure than Wenger.

The next game, away against Crystal Palace will see if we have really turned a corner.

All the other top teams have really easy games,
spurs v Watford
Man City v Hull
Sunderland Man U
Everton v Leicester
Stoke v Liverpool

The only difficult game of all those is Liverpool away to Stoke, and even that doesn’t look too hard.

So we can’t afford to drop points, because none of the others are gong to drop many.


Not sure why you put Everton game in. I think the relegation games could be important at the weekend on Palace.
Those results could impact pressure wise how they approach the game.
Waiting till then to predict.


Hull are tricky on current form.


9 more wins to go lads. Easy.


Oh wait are we still in, “cant see where our next win is coming from” mode? :joy:


One win and A4TT is back on his Wenger high horse lol


I don’t recall mentioning Wenger. I was simply mocking the doom and gloomers who were sure we wouldn’t win a match for the rest of the season.


Who actually said that ? We will finish 5th or 6th beat some cellar dwellers and fail to beat the likes of Tottenham, United and Stoke away.