Cryptocurrency (nonce dollars)


Hahahaha that is funny




Nonce dollars :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I resent this title and have the ability to alter it.

But cause Im a nice guy and only recently joined the team, I’ll give you guys the chance to change it back :grin:


Tell you what. These Chinese must be planning a fucking spectacular New Years.


Why’s it called nonce dollars :arteta:


Because some people missed the boat and feel the need to belittle it :upside_down_face:


@Electrifying it’s actually a reference to this post :slightly_smiling_face:

@Midfield_Maestro bought some crypto a month ago and feels the need to belittle others :smile:


Hahaha I see.


Bob has every right to buy cryto. Ann should learn to use a computer :joy:


And shit is all down again, day traders who gamble right making good money. Us hodlers sitting tight :smiley:


Seeing the vast amounts of cognitive dissonance and mental gymnastics on /r/crypto currency is pretty hilarious.




Riding the dip and buying more to hold. Long term is my strategy.


A lot seem to think Bitcoin won’t see its highs ever again.


My argument for the long term has always been that it won’t be the currencies that will be valuable in the long run but the technology and companies they’re based off.

I’d be way more inclined to buy shares in Ripple than actual XRP currency. I dont think we’ll see those crazy heady heights again. It doesn’t make sense for currencies to be so, so expensive in the long run.


The value of ripple labs will have an almost identical graph to the value of xrp because they hold ridonculous amounts of the coin. The size of their “normal” operations would have to be huge to overcome the fact they hold 60% of all xrp.

But I take your point and also agree in general.


Yeah a lot of Ripple’s cash flow actually comes from them selling XRP when they need money because they control it’s supply but you get what I mean.

They’ll also make serious money from licensing their technology and software to other banks etc. so they’re not completely dependent on selling XRP.

I think it will just take some time while the world adjusts to the technology and learns to understand and accept it, but I don’t see the currencies booming like they did again. But then again who knows.


Speaking of XRP, it’s down to $0.64.

Was $4.00 not that long ago. Wtf happened.


Stressful times, but this happened before and eventually always bounces back.
Last year there was a strong summer dip only for the end of the year to reach record heights.

No one can predict of course when it bounces back, but that it will I am pretty sure.

I read an article on one of the sub reddits about how the price point isn’t even influenced by actual money deposited or withdrawn rather by sell orders placed. I will see if I can find it and share it here.


Let’s not forget that bitcoin went from $0 to $20.000 and now is around $6.000
That is still an incredible feat.

Right now I am sitting tight seat belts fastened as well, hoping that especially Ethereum will bounce back up very soon again, I tell myself not to be stupid and panic sell now and look at the past and patterns. Sell now and regret end of the year when everything is up again?