Cryptocurrency (nonce dollars)


You’d have to ask the banks using XRP that because I’ve wondered the same.


Well I imagine because it’s a new technology no bank had to foresight, expertise, knowledge or resource to implement it. But explaining why that would continue to be the case going forwards feels a lot harder.


Damn it’s a proper bloodbath so far. I am generally tight in these situations but I am starting to want to see some green :smile:


People in China withdrawing to celebrate New Years apparently. /s


I guess now’s the time to buy


Liquidity. Example, say I want to trade Indian rupee and Korean won it might be cheaper and more liquid using XRP than USD.


My portfolio is around 12.5k quite a way down from its ath of 32k lol. I’m still in the green so it’s fine. As tempting as these cheap prices are I won’t be putting anymore money in.


Cryptos dying. Is this the beggining of the end?


Looks like a lot of them are already well on the way to recovery.




Tough times


Last year, same date Ethereum was worth 10 dollars. Now in the dip it’s worth over 850 dollars.

It had a freak bullrun early Jan leading to an all time high of over 1.250 dollars, this is more the level it should be at. End of 2018 those who HODL will come out well.

It’s scary of course if you bought in recently and see your coin drop hard, but don’t be the weak hand that the whales try to shake out and eat. Sit tight, meditate and wait. Every drop bounces back up.


Whats up with all the hacking though?
Coincheck or something in Japan got half a billion worth crypto stolen


Raiblocks rebrand to Nano complete and just now listed on Binance. PUMP ME SOME MONEY PLEASE.


I saw Ethereum (mostly invested in this one) go down from 800 euros to 580 euros (lowest it has been since it’s climb to 1.200 !!!) today and now it’s back up to 730 euros. This game ain’t for the faint hearted…


And everything is up and green again. C’est la crypto vie.

P.s. maybe a mod could change the topic title to Crypto instead of Bitcoin? Or make a new thread?


Good call. Done.


Fucking lol. :joy::joy::joy:




The edited title. When I changed it earlier it didn’t have the bit in brackets…:joy: