Cryptocurrency (nonce dollars)


Yeah but the very idea at the root of blockchain technology is decentralization which is like the Antichrist of banking.


True, but ideas and technology adapt and change over time.

I’m sure there’s some way that blockchain technology can work hand-in-hand with an established entity like BoE to create value and be of worth to the economy at large.

Unless the BoE just wants to get in on some of that 17,000% growth haha


Ethereum up from 600 euros at the end of the year to 820 euros in 3 days. It’s gonna be a wild year!


If you plan on holding long term, I would move it to a wallet Forget about it and look at your value in a year.

Congrats on Ripple, it’s doing well last week, bought also into it when it was under a dollar, now 3.5 dollar. Who knows where it will go to in a year’s time!


I’m going to cash out once it hits between 50 to 100euros.

I’m up +30k so far.


Yes geezer bought into Ripple last week and it’s done well so far. Wish I put more in.


Really interested to see what happens to raiblocks now it’s moving to bigger exchanges.

Fearing a massive sell off from people who held on bitgrail and have seen 10-100x increase in a month. But also demand in theory should be a lot higher, can’t call it.

The boom is almost outstripping development (as is the case with most cryptos). It will probably be a month until a new updated wallet is released so new holders might be disappointed until then but this will hopefully be a good test for the technology if there are much higher volumes of transactions Combined with a potential rebranding to Nano soon this could be a make or break 1-2months.

For those who don’t know raiblocks is right now positioned as a decentralised peer to peer crypto which has 0transaction fees due to no mining and damn quick transfer times + scalability (in theory).

Was my first crypto buy and my long shot.





I bought 1 ETH worth of VEN (vechain). It’s token based off the ethereum blockchain that uses blockchain to validate various goods and services (from wine, luxury bags and software). They’ll use tags and rfid chips that are validated through blockchain and can tell if wine has been stored correctly (via in-house rfid chips) to the validity of luxury bags (where they were manufactured and made from etc) to software (whether they’re counterfeit etc). They have have a bunch of reputable backers from pwc to Microsoft.

Watch this space.

Crypto is full of absolute shit. I’m glad there’s crypto taken full advantage of blockchain for utility.


What the hell is going on haha

I’m hearing so many theories.

Wall Street driving down prices so they can buy back even more with the bonuses they get paid this week… Chinese New Year making Asians cash in their profits to buy presents and plane tickets until they buy it all back in February…

Haha nuts


Nothing unusual, if you look at graphs from last year you also see climbs and then dips.

This is a good time to reload.

Every time btc dropped in the past it climbed higher after a while than before the drop. Fluctuations and market corrections. If you HODL, just wait and see.

People panic sell and it’s indeed when whales come in and buy dips again.

If anything this is a good time to reload on some solid crypto like Eth.


took another nose dive down testing 10k. pretty much all alts all down 35% right now. Wonder what the carnage will be when I wake up in the morning or if its rebounded.



Weird trend that. People broke after Xmas and need to sell :grinning:


something with taxes
chinese lunar new year
and whales pump and dump in correlation with aforementioned bullet points

whatever it is, it probably will bounce up again, just sit tight, don’t panic like 85% do. :slight_smile:


Well I bought into Ripple this morning so we’ll see what happens.

My biggest concern is the amount of people unable to actually get the exchanges to pay them their gains in FIAT.


Ripples gone so shit. Is it ever gonna stabilise snd increase I wonder


I believe in the technology and the company behind it, so I’m optimistic.

MoneyGram, AgricolBank, SoftBank, Santander and a bunch of other huge banks have been using a trial program with Ripple to use XRP to settle global payments in seconds.

I think Ripple has a future for sure. No idea about all the other CCs.

And if it does go to shit, well then that’s £250 I’ll have to make do without over the course of my life haha


Can you explain the incentive for any bank to use XRP when they can use ripples network to make their own coin?