Cristiano Ronaldo

Hehe ok man

Yes I read it Jakey. If true it’s really disturbing but a lot of it looks unsubstantiated. My guess is no smoke without fire but also if true you’d expect to see a lot more evidence and reporting in the public domain by now so there is a little doubt in my mind as a result.


The why he is the :goat:

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Perhaps had a whole team sat in a room brainstorming a new celebration

No my friend this can only come from the mind of the one above all the :goat:

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Chris Jericho is the GOAT

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Once the walls of Jericho was locked that was that

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Lol you don’t see people doing Messi’s signature celebration.

GOAT keeps on GOATing while Messi soyboys keep on crying and jizzing themselves over body feints.

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We’ll pretend this didn’t happen


Lol sad how Messi lovers have to dig through the internet to find one image of someone doing a celebration that Messi has done while some TikToker can quickly and easily compile 30 seconds of people doing Ronaldo’s celebration.


That soy cuck Messi be the type of beta male that seeks consent from women lmaoooo rippppppp couldn’t be my goat :no_entry: :eggplant: :sob:


Damn, that might be enough bean milk for you tonight JakeySoy. You’re 4 goals in Ligue 1 on a stacked team level of bad at this.


Well, Bavin, you are an odd fellow. But I must say, you steam a good ham.

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Fair play, astonished I’ve not already been hit with this one at some point in the past :joy:

Well done Agent CR7.

He can’t bow out in this manner. Got to get himself out of that sinking ship!

“Fantastic club”

Ronaldo knew. I still wonder what be meant in this interview when he said Wenger did a lot for him.

Ok, let’s make it right.



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That would be pretty :fire: