Glad that caught Head out. Takes the gloss off slightly.

FT. Over.

Bottling bastards.

Congratulations Australia they just turn something on for world cups.

You have to say this was a bottlejob from India, who were a better team in favourable conditions.

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The Aussies dominance in that competition is pretty impressive

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The greatest nation in the history of the game :australia:

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I’ve seen us win in 99, 03, 07 and 15, but this is certainly the biggest achievement doing it against a more talented side, foreign conditions as underdogs.

Not a bad 2023


Coming back to win every game after losing the first two, which included games where they scored 350+ in 3 consecutive games, unreal chase against Afghanistan and another chase in the semi against SA where they showed their nerve. Then going on to put that performance on the big stage yesterday. You could even say Australia were the truly deserving champions. Congrats Australia.

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Had a feeling the occasion would be too big for this Indian team. Didn’t watch the game cause well, it’s Cricket after all, but going by the reviews, it’s obvious we didn’t have the right plans, especially when batting, and left our bowling too much to do. Having said that, what a performance from Travis Head. He changed the game.

Congratulations Australia!!

But honestly, it’s getting boring to see the same old teams competing for the major trophies. I would have personally liked to have seen a South Africa Vs New Zealand final, even though am Indian but then I don’t care about cricket too much. I’d rather Arsenal win the league or CL over India winning anything in Cricket, ever.


This :+1:

So do all them trophies snap together to form some sort of super trophy then?

Nah all different forms in a sense, hard to compare but I suppose in football terms it would be like winning the

Champions League
Premier League
FA cup

Not exactly but best way I can explain it.

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Haha i did debate throwing in a smiley to indicate i was joking. :slight_smile:

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