Cricket Thread


Such an English sport haha.


Well we invented it, but we’re not currently the best at it :santi:

I think India are ranked number 1 at test cricket at the moment.

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Nah boundaries and the other runs all count towards that total.



I’ve enjoyed Australia’s break from Cricket for the last 4 months, other than 5 measly one dayers in England.


I think that goes for a lot of sports the English get the credit for inventing, no? Football, cricket, rugby…


Tennis. Tiddlywinks. Hide and Seek. The list is endless.


Really quality test match going on between England and India, hopefully England can get over the line.


Kohli dismissed, and Stokes takes another.

Looks like we’re about to lose this one. Been a fantastic test match.

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Can’t beat test cricket!

Getting kohli was the big wicket we needed

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Mad to think that Kohli has scored 200 runs in the first test accounting for almost half of our runs across the two innings.

Will take a miracle for Pandya to see us home here.

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As good as Kohli is, he’s a bit of a wanker, isn’t he? I haven’t disliked a player as much since Mitchell Johnson!

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That should be that now


Was it the celebration when he ran Root out?

And yeah, it’s over now for sure.


Was a bit cocky lol, but I guess when you’re that good…


Epic test match.

Better than anything during the Ashes. Two proper teams going for it - love it.


England Vs South Asian sides test series in England >>>>>>


Crazy test match.

I’ll just share all four days plays highlights here because it was a freakin’ barnstormer.

Malan’s a relieved man indeed.

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Rashid justifying his selection too, no?


Beautiful attacking bowler who’s really taken his game to new heights of consistency these last few years.

Studied his overall technique a lot to improve my own bowling.

Think a lot of the criticism was based on the ECB ignoring the county system in favour of Rashid’s form in white ball formats.


Yeah I’m not a fan of Virat, but it can’t be denied he’s an unbelievably good cricketer.