Cricket Thread

Great punnage on his twitter handle there.


Oh yeah, I’d never noticed that before. Very good work.

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Beginning to feel bullish about our chances for 2023 @Hass

But I think something will stop us going all the way

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2023 World Cup is in the sub continent yeah ?

Top 10 in batting and bowling at Tests as per current rankings

India I think

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It is a long way away and plenty can change in that time, but at the moment the ODI team is in promising shape. If the top 3/4 can maintain this standard and we can finally find a settled middle order, who knows how far they can go. The batting is in its best state in a long time and we’re seeing some highly promising performances at county level also.

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Middle order, another spinner and some help for Shaheen.

Poor Naseem can’t catch a break now his dad’s unwell. And Hasan can’t find form in internationals.

The England tour will be a good test.

You’re hosting the poms in Pakistan yeah ?

Yes. If they don’t pull out like last time/the entire country doesn’t descend into anarchy by then

Poor from England. 2 runs short of the 500 mark :joy:

Seriously though, scoring at almost 10 rpo. Unbelievable stuff.

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Our one day level is unreal tbh, shame our test team has suffered from it but it’s still impressive

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Now we’ve had some players missing but we’ve now lost the ODI series in Sri Lanka after also losing the ODI series in Pakistan.

Struggling in the 50 over format ATM Australia, but going strong in T20 and Tests.

When you stop playing your farmers and bring back the big guns at the WC, you’ll be fine.

It always goes this way.

Aus don’t care about these bilaterals

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Netherlands are shit at cricket. Why do they even bother? @Bl1nk

I didn’t even know we had a cricket team


Haha. England just smashed you. So you might as well not have one.

I wonder the same thing about England when they have to come down to Australia tbh, 2 draws and 13 losses in the last 15 tests down here. At what point do you stop and think what’s the point ?

Jack Leach at it again!!

England 35/2

This from yesterday is remarkable. Must have watched it about 30 times now. Reverse scooping Wagner for a six in test cricket :ok_hand: