Cricket Thread


Glad to see Haris Sohail back after his lengthy knee injuries.


Really good toss to lose today for England. Against everyone’s predictions on a sunny day the ball swung a mile for a good session and a half. England in a great position to save the series.

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Thank you Hasan. Both you for the post and the other one for the wicket :grin:

Lol it’s like the 2 teams have literally swapped, that’s the classic Pakistan batting collapse I know and hate!


Bruh I was at Headingley seeing England slice through Pakistan’s line up like butter. Some awful shot selection and pacing in the second innings the main factor. Cherry on top is leaving the stands with a massive headache while fasting. One of those you can try sleep off and it’s there still hammering away after.

Really was a brilliant toss to lose for England which’ll give a fair bit of respite for the remainder of the summer.

Anderson and Broad are still doing the business for England on good conditions but you’d hope someone at the ECB was bullding something for life after them.

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:arteta: England must be really shit now if even we can beat them haha. Cricket isn’t even a sport here ffs!

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What a win! Sounded like a great game.

Managed to get tickets to see Scotland Pakistan in a couple days!

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It shouldn’t be considered a sport.
So many fat fufks in the game, it’s embarassing.


I didn’t know Scotland had eleven men who played cricket.

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Jesus England have just made 481/6 in a 50 over match against us. Aus cricket really is in disarray.


Shouldn’t have tampered with that ball so blatantly


Will take years to overcome this shamozle, ah well at least it happened after the Ashes series :joy:.


does this mean scotland are better than australia at cricket? :poldi:


Can somebody explains cricket in a way that it make sense? I don’t get this sport which seems to be quite populair in commonweatlh countries.


Honestly the best way to learn it is just watch a couple of games. There are very few actual rules to it.

Probably don’t start with test cricket though. That can be a bit boring.

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More than happy to mate.

The most basic premise is:

Cricket’s a bat and ball sport traditionally played with two teams of 11. They each take turns to bat for a specific number of plays. The aim of the game is to have more points on the scoreboard than the opponent does after both teams have completed their turns to bat.

Do you want any more information than that?

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Thanks. I got that far. But how are points scored? What is the deal with the up-and-down running from one end to the other after a hit? When is a player ‘out’, like in baseball, or is there such a thing in cricket?


That running is how points are scored.

Each times both batsmen make it to the other side without getting out (the other team managing to hit the stumps with the ball before they make it) is 1 point.

If they manage to hit the ball far enough for it to leave the pitch, that’s a boundary. If a boundary is scored with the ball hitting the ground after the batsmens hit, then the batsman scores 4, if it doesn’t hit the ground the batsman gets 6.

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So really a 300-250 result mean that the batsman from either team made 300 or 250 runs (without taking boundaries into the equation)? You have the time to make runs until the stumps are hit off those three sticks?

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And there are numerous ways a player can be out. If they hit the ball and it’s caught. If they are bowled – where the bowler hits the ball straight to the stumps. Then there is LBW – this is where the ball would have struck the wicket but was instead intercepted by a part of the batsman’s body. They can be run out too. And then there are little things like hitting the ball twice.

It’s pretty easy to pick up when you watch a game.

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